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You could also just run the script from a Terminal window add! Jul 12, BTW, Safari will unzip the file automatically and then trash it leaving just the folder it expanded to in the Download Folder. If you have the Download Folder set as is the default, I believe to show things in the order added to the folder, you can easily see anything new that you've downloaded.

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The app is overly bloated with way too amny features now but you don't have to use them. I just use the app management part. Super super super easy. Or, again, just do things the easy way and get the Curse App now owned by Twitch and let it do everything for you. No scripts or dragging and dropping needed. Jasperau beat me to it. Jul 13, Also if you're sure the files are in the right place, on the character screen click the Addons button lower left and make sure the new addon is checked to load.

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You may need to enable "Load out of date addons" too. Jul 13, 3. Thanks for the replies. Curse app works way better. Make an alias of your addon folder and put it on your desktop. Download the addon Select "Downloads" on your bar, choose "open". Unzip file. Drag to addons alias. This is how I have been doing it for years: When you have the AddOns folder selected, you should see the names of your wow addons as subfolders.

Installing an AddOn

With some wow addons there is more than one addon you will need to make them work called dependent addons so you might need to download another addon to make it work; that information can be found in the information area of that addon in the Curse website. If your Finder folders look correct and it still won't work, go back to the curse website and ask for help from the developer of the addon. I hope that helps. Y'all are doin' it the hard way.

Just sayin'. Have played WoW on a Mac since day one.

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It is actually really simple. Download the addon from your web browser from your favorite addon site, wowinterface, curse, etc. If it is a. Drag the folders for the addon from the Downloads folder, into the Addons folder for WoW. Those are what need to be moved, not the top level "elvui" folder.

Uh, guys OP already posted and said he opted for the easy way: Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.

Manually Backup Addons and Settings [WoW]

Return to Forum. English US. Contact Us. ClearFont2 Replaces the default font face with other fonts. ChocolateBar Creates a bar on top or bottom of your screen for other addons to display character and game statistics. Deadly Boss Mods Displays timers and warnings of raid bosses' spells and abilities. FizzWidget Addons Includes several addons that enhance the productivity of any character. MountHelper Helps with summoning a random mount from a preselected favorite list. Quartz A modular approach to a casting bar addon.

Questhelper Integrates a list of waypoints for quests listed in the quest log into the world map. X-Perl UnitFrames Complete replacement for Blizzard's default unit frames, including raid frames and raid tools. Heads Up! What Users Say Just tried your program tonight. Projenna Just wanted to thank you for your awesome program!

Ror I would like you to thank you for this awesome mac app.