Creamy crock pot mac and cheese

Turns out that in order to get that ultra creamy texture in a crockpot, you either have to use condensed cheese soup or Velveeta cheese, neither of which appealed to me. The next best thing is to use evaporated milk and American cheese, the kind you get from the deli counter. Barring American cheese, using a melty cheese like Monterey Jack or White American will also produce creamy results. To this, I also added lots of sharp cheddar. This gives it that great mac and cheese flavor, but it is not the best kind of cheese for melting. For best results, buy a brick and shred it at home since the pre-shredded cheese comes coated in anti-caking agents.

Please read through the FAQ below as well for best results. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! There have been quite a few questions on this recipe, please check here before asking in the comments as it may already have been answered. Yes, this recipe can be doubled provided you have a large enough slow cooker. The cooking time will not change. Yes, rinse the uncooked pasta simply to remove any dust and foreign particles from the manufacturing plant. A marble cheese should work as well. However, if this is a deal breaker, you can reheat it — simply add some milk to loosen the thickened sauce while reheating.

We recommend making it and having it ready right before you leave. Turn off the slow cooker but leave the lid on. When you arrive stir it and loosen with milk if needed. This serves people. A serving size is 2 ounces of dry pasta which expands to approximately 1. Prepackaged shredded cheese contains an anti-caking agent that can cause your final product to taste gritty. Purchase your cheese from the deli and shred it yourself. If it cooks too fast or too long it will get mushy.

The biggest culprit is an older slow cooker that may cook hotter even on low than a newer slow cooker. Leave the lid on for one hour on low. Stir after one hour then check after 30 more minutes. Check and stir every 15 minutes after that if needed. Mine was done is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Yes, with the exception of the pasta. Wait until you take it out of the fridge and are turning the slow cooker on before you add the macaroni.

You should cook the dish on low for 1 hour, then stir it and check for doneness. After that, check it periodically every thirty minutes or so until it is done. However, you can create your own evaporated milk. While scrolling through recipe reviews, many cooks noted that the mac and cheese was bland. I hate bland food, so I remedied this by adding mustard, garlic, and cayenne to my dish in addition to the basic salt and pepper. These can all be adjusted to your taste. Bought too much elbow macaroni? Try our Chili Mac for dinner, or this easy tuna pasta salad for your next get together! Slow cookers vary by brand and size, so keep an eye on it after the first hour.

Mine was perfectly al dente around 90 minutes in a 6-quart cooker. We sure love our Mac and Cheese around here. Lastly, pair your delicious mac and cheese with the best meatloaf EVER! Creating a delicious, comforting dinner. It contains an anti-caking agent that can make your mac and cheese gritty. Get the cheese from the deli and shred it yourself. Also, every slow cooker is different. Newer slow cookers should work fine for this recipe.

How to make Crockpot Mac and Cheese:

Cook on low for one hour without disturbing. Remove lid and stir well. Replace lid and check after 30 more minutes. DO NOT turn the heat up! You will make your macaroni mushy. My slow cooker is only a couple years old and my mac and cheese is done after about 1 hr and 45 minutes. Is there something wrong with using gluten free noodles? My daughter had an egg allergy so these are normally the noodles we use. Would it still be okay to use them? Hi Lauren. We have not personally tried this with gluten free noodles yet , but commenters have said that the gluten free noodles do not hold up well and get very mushy.

We have NOT tried that but have heard that gluten free pastas do not hold up well in this recipe. I made this for my family. Instead of having a whole can of evaporated milk I only had the 5 oz. For the cheese I had shredded Mexican cheese 4 kinds and then about a handful more. I did use American sliced cheese 4 ounces of it. I omitted the cayenne pepper. My family loved it!!! I am now going to be making it this way again for them because the flavor was wonderful.

I really loved it much better than some I have tried. Thanks for the recipe. I tried this today and was really disappointed. It had an odd taste which I attribute this to the evaporated milk. Any idea why it came out gritty? I followed your directions precisely and it is edible, but somewhat gritty. Hi Rachel. It may have been the type of pasta you used. I have only ever used Barilla in the blue box. I have heard that people have had trouble with the gluten free or whole wheat varieties. The first time, I used pre-shredded cheeses. I used a crockpot that has a couple hot spots, which caused certain spots to burn faster.

My fault! The second time, I used pre-shredded cheeses and I used heavy whipping cream instead of evap milk. Again, turned out ok. Oh and it was very greasy. My fault again! Yesterday, Thanksgiving , I used block cheese that I shredded myself, which improved the texture and taste of the mac. I used 3 tbsp.

I stuck to the milk measurements and used evap milk. This Mac and cheese came out soooooooooo delicious. It was tender, it was creamy, it was not too cheese or greasy. The taste was phenomenal!! I am currently making this right now. I doubled the recipe. Any suggestions. This is not an oven recipe, but you can try this one https: I hope you enjoy it! Hi — can this recipe be tripled? I know this response is a little late.

I just let it thaw before I want to eat it and heat it up in the microwave. This was very easy to make! Directions were easy to follow. I found it a touch too creamy and thick but overall the taste was great. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It was absolutely delicious! However, I just made it for the first time and it turned out soupy. Did anyone else have this problem?

Steps to Make It

It was too soupy for my taste too. I followed the recipe exactly, but I quadrupled it. It was pretty good though when it finally finished I think it was close to 4 hours , just too runny, in my opinion. This was very tasty! At 90 minutes, I had to add a little more milk and cook for another half hour, but that did the trick. My baby ate a ton of it up! I followed your recipe to a tee.

However, not all of your readers are experienced cooks. My mac-n-cheese came out with the mac clumped together in big mushy chunks. Not only r u a novice cook ur a jerk. Cooking takes practice and we learn from our mistakes. The directions r fine. Doubled the recipe in a 5 QT for our annual campfire cookout on the river and I should have quadrupled it! And people raved about it!

The best part is that I can just bring in all the ingredients and my crock pot and make it at the office. Adding a little salsa or green chilies is popular as well. Does this call for evaporated milk or condensed milk? You pointed out that they are different, which they are. Most are saying condensed. I am going to use evaporated milk. This recipe is delicious! I doubled it, and cooked about an hour 50 mins. Could you please quadruple this recipe for my giant family?? I know sometimes GF pasta can come off a bit grainy in texture.

When you say 8oz for the elbow macaroni do you mean the weight or 1 cup? Or is there no difference? Has anyone tried making this recipe with white cheese instead?

Creamy Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

Thinking about using cream cheese, Mozzerella, and Monterey Jack but not sure if that will mess anything up. Also thinking about adding a splash of white wine. If I use store-bought pre-shredded cheese would it taste the same or at least come close? Most times, the block cheese is cheaper to buy. Good luck!

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Great recipe! Thank you so much for sharing it! I had a recipe for Mac n cheese but not one for the crock pot. The family loved it! My kids went for seconds and I think my oldest may have gotten a third helping. Happy Thanksgiving!! So glad everyone loved it, Carol! I appreciate you taking the time to come back and letting me know.

Doubled the recipe for Thanksgiving. Cook time was the same. Although tasty, the pasta seemed to disintegrate. Adults said it was okay. This recipe is so easy and incredibly delicious! I made it as a side at thanksgiving and everyone raved about it. I quadrupled the recipe and then divided it in half. One half I made just like the recipe here, the other half i made with Monterey Jack cheese.

They both turned out really well and everyone loved it. It was completely gone.

Paula Deen's Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

The one with the Monterey Jack cheese was a little more soupy, but the other one turned out perfect. And I would say it was about 2 hour cook time. I actually had people asking for the recipe, so I would totally recommend it. If you are doubling for a potluck. Make sure to leave extra time as i did 2 hours on low and it was nowhere near done, runny and pasta wasnt cooked. I did another hour and a bit on high and it finally cooked and soaked up. Also i found it needed lots more salt pepper then the recipe called for and i added garlic powder.

Have you tried doubling noodles in recipe? Was not impressed with this recipe. I made a double batch for a potluck at work. It was great, but ever so slightly sweet. I think the evaporated milk might have been the culprit. No need to cook the pasta beforehand, just toss it in the slow cooker. I hope this helps! I know it will be a huge hit….? Can I cook it in a Dutch oven? Or any other way? If you want to use the stove top, I would recommend this recipe instead. This recipe has become a go to for us!

I work nights, but moms never get a break, especially when it comes to dinner… this is an absolute life saver?? I used pre shredded Mexican mix cheese, and added garlic as well. I am liking the no pre boiling the pasta. A lot of milk, but it tasted delicious! I have finally found a Crock-Pot mac and cheese recipe that my whole family loves! This was delicious and so easy…my family loved it! Perfect after 2 hours. Super easy and frees up oven space. Would definitely make this again. This Mac and cheese looks amazing! Have you doubled the recipe?

It might take an additional 30 minutes to cook when doubled. I should have looked at the reviews prior to trying it. The pasta clumped on the bottom and the sauce was just oily. I would probably look for another recipe. Made this tonight and very disappointed. Doubled the recipe and followed instructions but ended up with glop — macaroni mush.

Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Create a free account, save the recipes you like, and get daily recipes delivered straight to your inbox — plus receive a free e-cookbook! Skip to content Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese is super creamy and cheesy with no boiling or pre-made noodles and no velveeta or condensed soups! Tips for the Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese: Know your slow cooker. Does it run hotter than other recipes call for? Make sure things are mixed well before starting the slow cooker. Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese with Bacon: Top with 6 slices of crumbled bacon on top just before serving.

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Adding during cooking will make the bacon soggy. Add half of a jalapeno minced to the slow cooker before cooking. Top with the remaining half of finely minced jalapenos and stir before serving. Can I make this Mac and Cheese on the stovetop? Save Recipe Print Review.

Crockpot Mac and Cheese - Extra Creamy! | Amy in the Kitchen

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese. Instructions Note: Add all the ingredients into a slow cooker and mix well. Nutrition Information Yield: Made This Recipe? Send Me Recipes! Comments We have out-of-town family coming to visit this weekend, this will be perfect! I love mac and cheese! Loving how you made it in the slow cooker! Never attempted mac n cheese in the slow cooker before. Looks amazing!

This looks so creamy and delicious. This looks great! Do we boil the macaroni first, or add it in dry? Nope, no need to boil the noodles first. It does make it so much easier being an all in one dish!