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The magazine has witness holes on both sides and a thick polymer baseplate to assist in proper seating during a fast combat reload. A close examination of the exterior of the MAC Bobcut revealed excellent attention to both the finish and the wood-to-metal fit on the grips. My test gun had about a pint of oil in and on it, so it had to be thoroughly cleaned out; you might have to do the same if you get something other than the display model from your dealer. This is a small, family-owned business that caters to those wanting a holster that combines comfort and maximum concealment.

To this end, Tedder has amalgamated quality, American-made leather with Kydex to make a rig that looks a little bulky, but which keeps the sharp edges of the pistol away from your body and provides good handgun retention. The outsized leather apron of the High Rider OWB holster can be had with clips or slots for belt attachment.

This apron comes up all the way to just above the top of the slide and extends out to form to the hip of the wearer. The more you wear it, the better it gets. Attached to the apron using hex-head screws is the Kydex body, which is molded for the particular pistol. My holster came with several lengths of screws to adjust the tension on the handgun.

MAC 1911 Bobcut 45ACP Hard Chrome

The holster has a straight up and down cant or lack thereof that is easily adjusted on the clip version, and I suspect if you wanted to make some holes in the apron you could change the cant on the belt-slot model, too. I found that the High Rider held the handgun very close to the body and did not allow the pistol to print under a light jacket or loose fitting, un-tucked Hawaiian shirt. The model is made for single-stack magazines and is lightweight and low profile. Made of injection-molded, high-density plastic, it not only holds the magazine securely, but also will not come off the belt when quickly withdrawing said magazine.

Next came a visit to my ammo locker for some. As this is a compact. These would be chronographed for velocity measurements and then fired from the bench at a distance of 25 yards to evaluate the practical accuracy potential of the MAC Bobcut.

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So at 25 yards, I use a bigger target. These were placed out at the yard line, and I took a position on the bench, using a sandbag rest to evaluate the practical accuracy potential of the MAC Bobcut. My point of aim POA was the small blaze-orange oval in the target center. As the shooting continued, this problem worked itself out. Shooting three 5-shot groups with my three. Group averages ran from about 3. To test reliability and practical performance during rapid-fire shooting and loading, I set up a Btype target at 15 yards, loaded my magazines with a mix of the test cartridges and moved to the 3-yard line to run the MAC Bobcut through a combat qualification course.

Moving to 7 yards, I drew and fired a series of three double-taps, reloaded, then fired a body armor drill with two shots center-mass and one to the head. After doing that twice, I reloaded and moved to the yard barricade. I fired two shots from cover on the left side while standing, two from the right side while standing and then two kneeling from the right side. Out of a possible points, I managed a Most of the shots were well-centered in the ring scoring area, and I lost two points on one of my headshots that went a bit high. I was very impressed with the handling characteristics of the MAC Bobcut.

The hand-grabbing stippling and fish-scale pattern on the grips helped me maintain control during rapid-fire shooting.


Other than the light primer hits early on caused by over-lubrication, I had no malfunctions attributable to the pistol or ammunition. For more on Metro Arms, visit metroarms. Please login or enter your email. Price History Chart. Last 30 days Last 90 days Since added. Record lowest prices All stores. Wikiarms Live Ammo Prices. Powered by Wikiarms.

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American Classic MAC 1911 BOBCUT .45ACP 8+1 Blue - $599 ($7.99 S/H on firearms)

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Recent comments. Magpul PMAG 30 5. I would rather have the G2c with 12 round capacity.

MAC Bobcut Series - Firearms - MAC Pistols by Eagle Imports, Inc.

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