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I thought that might be the case..

  • Bug # Baofeng GT-3 TP "Radio did not respond" - Mac OSX - CHIRP.
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I was up all night squeezing the USB connector to the radio and still getting the error message. I woke up this morning and "miraculously" the F8HP worked perfectly without having to squeeze the connection. Maybe I just needed to turn the computer off and back on. I appreciate the quick reply.

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Thanks again. Also available in: The Radio did not respond. You 'can' sometimes use them by downloading and installing an older driver. Better to get a proper cable though.

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Glenn W9IQ Now I get no sound unless I plug in an external speaker. Also the 7 character user defined channel names are not uploaded and displayed like they are on a uv-5r.

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Penguin power!! Got two new gt3 tp tri power radios. Any one have a suggestion on how to program with chirp software. Running Windows 10 on my pc. Oh this sucks!

Programming Baofeng UV82 (and possibly others) on Mac OS X 10.10

This is what I get for not reading more before I buy! Bill Gates should be under a prison somewhere! MY GT3 Software will not recognize the radios either. Would sumone be able to help me set up my GT-3TP up please,first radio on ham just want set it up and see how it goes,ave not used radio since am,fm but want to get back into it. PeterNola — one of the menus in the GT3 software is language — click on menus until you find one that says English.

I wish someone would tell me what the correct cable to use for the gt-3p.

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I have the cable for the uv-3r or something like that. Just sits there in the cloning window. After using that com port once it no longer recognizes that com port. Will work like a charm. I also bought the OEM Baofeng usb-serial cable.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

The connector will not seat correctly on the GT3. I had to shave off some plastic off the base of the connector closest to the smaller plug.

Once I did that, there were no issues with connection. It communicated with no issues with my GT3. I also bought one of these for my father-in-law and I cloned his with no issues. Hope this helps — Also, you need to use the 3. I have no clue why the new drivers dont work and the chirp devs dont just add GT-3TP to the frikkin list, it seems so stupid…. Hi,i bought Gt 3,new,and i thing i press something wrong ,,,when i switch on radio alarm will go On,and nothing work.. I used Chirp to program GT-3TP Radio, and it will recieve message, but it will not transmit… Anyone else able to get theirs to transmit?

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