Mcdonalds releases big mac sauce recipe

How to Make Your Own Big Mac Sauce

For the month of February, McDonald's Australia will be selling 25ml bottles of the insanely addictive, tangy but creamy burger sauce at of its stores at a steal — 50 cents a pop. There will only be bottles available per store, so Australians should get on that as quickly as possible.

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In addition to the 25ml bottles being sold at stores, one ml bottle is being auctioned off on eBay to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities. If you don't live in Australia, however, you can still recreate the Big Mac at home because the usually secretive McDonald's is also revealing the sauce's ingredients for the first time.

McDonald's Big Mac Sauce Easy Recipe - Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

In recent years, food labeling laws have required the fast-food chain to list the ingredients in all of their items, but the ratios and amounts are still being kept secret. McDonald's is so protective of the Big Mac sauce's actual recipe that it makes the condiment off site and delivers it to locations in sealed containers.

But for those who are willing to experiment, you can now try to make your own with the unveiled ingredients that is, if you have hydrolyzed protein and emulsifier handy.

McDonald's secret Big Mac sauce has been released for the first time!

Besides gifting the world with the prized Big Mac sauce, McDonald's has also rolled out a few recent campaigns that try — maybe a little too hard — to make the chain seem loveable. While it's obviously a sweet concept, not everyone was buying the sentiment because, well, it's McDonald's. And before that, the chain launched a creepy ad of McDonald's store signs reflecting on national crises and natural disasters as a way to emphasize how much the company cares about the community.

Not only that, but there's a blogger who has released her own version of the sauce that's apparently pretty close to the original, but with far fewer ingredients!

McDonald’s to release Big Mac sauce bottle

The recipe that's been released show that there are 33 ingredients in the sauce, however, McDonald's is yet to confirm or deny if it's the real deal. Here's the long list according to the publication:. The special sauce was originally created by franchise owner Jim Delligatti, who invented the Big Mac in Since then the recipe has been tweaked a bit, changing from the original in , and then reverting back in If you love the sauce and want to make it at home to enjoy with your own homemade burgers, Mom Deals blogger Kelly Brinker has created a recipe that uses just seven ingredients.

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Cover the bowl, or put in a container that can be covered and refrigerate overnight. Stir a few times while in the fridge. Read More.

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