How to find out my mac administrator password

Change or reset the password of a macOS user account

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  1. Why? Hashed Passwords?
  2. change password on mac laptop.
  3. Reset your password!

OS X does not store a plain-text copy of your administrator password. This makes it impossible to have the computer show you the existing password. OS X has no way to show you the original. The original is immediately thrown away when the password is set; only a hash of the password is kept.

Five Ways to Reset a Lost Administrator Password - TidBITS

Passwords are stored as mathematically derived hashes of the original. This hash makes it possible to determine if an attempted password matches the real password, but it also makes it impossible to determine the real password. Unless its linked to iCloud, in which case you would be able to reset it as if you'd reset your Apple ID password not recover it , I believe there is no way of being able to do such thing.

Not even change it. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I find out my Mac OSx admin password without changing it? This question already has an answer here: How to find Mac admin password not reset Mac admin password 2 answers.

One quirk. If you upgraded from Read this Apple support document for more information about FileVault. No Excuse for a Lost Password — Regardless of how or why an administrator password has been lost or forgotten, there are a variety of techniques that you can use to reset it and regain full access to a Mac. Interesting - I hadn't run across that one before.

Change your password

It looks like it creates a new user account as well, though, so it would be good mostly in a situation where you didn't care about the files in the account whose password has been lost. I've always used it for pre-Lion systems where the client had forgotten their login password.

Unlock Any MacBook Without The Password

Create a new, temp admin account. Use it to remove the other account's password. Remove the temp account.

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I've never used the Directory Service command line utility because it's fairly more complicated. She had an apple computer dual booted with windows and I removed the windows password but unable to get past the startup screen asking for her apple password. Looks like you're retyping commands and introducing typos is instead of ls. I recommend you use copy and paste instead.

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