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Manage your iCloud storage

Scroll to the bottom of your photos and hit the Pause button. The Photos app is also the place to manage your storage space. While your Mac is likely to be your main hub for organizing and editing photos, your iPhone or iPad is the device you'll use to snap all of those lovely photos. In iOS All you need to do is go to iCloud. Enabling the iCloud Photo Library across all of your devices is the best way to organize and manage your photos, and keep your precious memories close to hand at all times. However, you should always be mindful of space.

CleanMyMac X makes it easy to rid your Mac of old photos and videos to ensure your iCloud Photo Library only syncs the things you need. Download the app for free today. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. Another area that iCloud Photo Library has really done well with discovery is Memories. I absolutely love this feature. It creates almost daily memories for you to look at. These might be holidays, year in review, special trips, etc. You can save your favorite ones for easy access as well. My kids love watching the video it can make a video of the photos and video from the memories on our Apple TV.

Search has also come around quite nicely in iCloud Photos. Sharing is also dead simple with iCloud Photo library.

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It has native access to the share sheet for easy sharing to other apps. They get notifications on their end when we post new photos or videos. One area that iCloud really falls apart for me is the lack of a unified library option.

How to Batch Delete All Pictures from Photos app Mac Macbook iMac Macbook Pro

I know that some people have zero interest in this, but I want my wife to be able to view our entire family photo library from her devices with her iCloud account. If this is a deal breaker for you, then Google Photos will be your best solution. The GB and 2 TB plans can be shared with other users of your family plan as well. We are using about GB currently, so we have plenty of room to grow long term. Syncing amongst your various devices has become very reliable for iCloud Photo Library.

I recommend this on at least one device so you will always have an offline copy. Optimize means that you can view your entire library, but it caches items as needed. This means you can view a GB library on a 64 GB device.

What happened to the Camera Roll album on my iOS device?

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend having at least one Mac set up with a completely downloaded library. This is so you can back up your media to Time Machine and a cloud backup service like Backblaze.

The Best Photo Management Solution: iCloud Photos — The Sweet Setup

Having my media backed up elsewhere is a great fail-safe. While both apps offer built-in options, due to the deep integration with iOS, third-party apps can also access your library with permission that can be revoked to edit your pictures. I ended up using the built-in tools a lot, but there are countless apps in the App Store to take it even further.

This is an area that Google just cannot touch on iOS. Overall, iCloud Photo Library is fantastic.

Delete photos or videos from Camera Roll

Apple has some very competitive pricing plans as well. I used Google Photos as my primary photo solution from the time it was released until I began using the iOS 11 public beta. You can also upload files through the web interface as well. You can upload on Wi-Fi only or use cellular or do a mix of photos via cellular and videos on Wi-Fi only.

The main area where Google completely knocks it out of the park compared to iCloud Photos library is the ability to share your entire library with a spouse. This can be done in one of two ways. Google allows you to mix and match which accounts you are using.

This is helpful for having everyone upload to the same place. Automatic sharing is something that Google has built-in as an option. You have various ways of sharing. Google has really nailed this implementation, and Apple has zero options outside of sharing a handful of items at a time to share. Google also makes it easy to share one-off photos or albums. You can share multiple photos or even an entire day right from the iOS apps.

If you are concerned about privacy and sharing, you might want to read this article on URL security in Google Photos. So why is that public URL more secure than it looks? The short answer is that the URL is working as a password. Discovery on Google Photos is great.