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I gather for my purposes I would simply remove the unneeded letter options from the string of the letters in question?! To claarify, I hope this will then not simply give me just one letter option to choose from i. Do you know if this is what would happen with this mod? I've backed all up, printed the input methods current setting and will modify once I have taken a brave pill. But I think you would still have to press the 1. I don't know of way to get an alternative character simply on the basis of how long the key is held down.

If you would like to program unused keys to directly produce your umlauted things, the app to make custom keyboard layouts is.


Aug 30, 3: Wonder if you know why, as system admin, I cannot alter the file keyboard-en. Can however duplicate it and alter this copy. Not sure of the point of this as altering the duplicate achives little, seeing how the locked plist takes system precedence. Did manage to replace the plist. This still means though that the number 1 below it still has to be pressed Aug 13, 6: For those like me, who have disabled the character accent input menu see http: Keyboard Shortcut for Umlaut More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Keyboard Shortcut for Umlaut Hi all, hope this is the right forum discussion for this question. Thanks in advance Argento. This is where the system of dead keys comes in. But when you press an eligible second character afterwards, the two get combined:.

At this point you should be able to guess how to get all German letters:.

But typing lots of umlauts in this way is a bit inconvenient. We need one more principle to solve this, which is as follows: When the combination with the most logical key is already taken, choose another nearby.

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This leaves q,w,z,x free for accented versions of a , and three are actually used that way:. As you can see, US International also supports the Nordic languages.

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Not primarily because it was used in Middle English, but as an Icelandic letter. US International is one keyboard mapping to rule them all, or at least to rule some of them, well, um, some of the most important ones.

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  8. In most western countries the vast majority of special letters you will encounter even if you work as a scientist or in an immigration office can be entered in a straightforward way with this mapping, without too much searching or trying. The internationally most frequently encountered special and accented letters are also the easiest and most convenient. Due to these advantages, the traditional Dutch keyboard layout is almost extinct now and has been replaced by US International. This is inconvenient because for programming and similar tasks you may need them a lot.

    As a result, when you actually want the normal meanings, you have to press Space afterwards.

    Keyboard Shortcut for Umlaut - Apple Community

    In some variants and for some keys even that may not work, e. The "no dead keys" or "alternate" variant solves this problem. For me all of this was convincing enough that even as a German living in Germany, several years ago I switched to this mapping and never looked back. At my current workplace in Berlin as a software developer, most of my colleagues have been using this layout for years as well. With xkeycaps you can interactively redefine keys and generate commands for xmodmap. I configured a short cut for this one.

    Ich habe hier zwei Programme vorgestellt, die unter Windows bei der Eingabe solcher Zeichen helfen: Beide sind sehr leicht erlernbar. One thing that works with many in my experience: This works for all keyboard layouts, and for all Unicode characters the system knows. In particular writing just u for the mentioned key combination. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

    Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Wie schreibt man Umlaute und scharfes S auf nichtdeutschen Tastaturen? Ask Question. Phira Phira Mit anderen Worten: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about computer systems, not the German language, and depends on the software that is used. Sounds good. The default German keyboard layout also has dead keys for accents.

    Yep, that's true. US layout is far superior for my line of work though, that's why I use it. US Int gives me the best of both worlds. I accepted the answer that is the most useful to my situation. Please do not hesitate to vote up other answers that are more useful to you. To be frank, I don't think of this as much of a problem.

    Tastatur umstellen: English auf deutsch umstellen

    In most cases it's 1 better not to care like Email because of encoding issues or 2 the application handles this Word or OOo. But it's a valid point nonetheless. Several ways: Switch to a German keyboard layout. No, really. This way, you just have to memorize where these four keys are, not all the other differences between US and German layout.

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    Use codes: Don't know if you need other keys for other systems. Windows Character Map charmap. OregonGhost OregonGhost Automatically answered in English, because I just read the English question.


    I guess it's valuable primarily for English-speaking people anyway. For me, that's perfectly fine. If someone wants a translation, they should ask, then I'd translate. Minor nitpick: The other way round doesn't work. Didn't know that. Anyway just press them at the same time: D Of course, you can also click onto the language toolbar Sprachenleiste. Both ways work for me On Mac OS X you can use: Twelve47 Twelve47 1 10 You can also press [Shift] with the A, E or U to get the uppercase variant.

    Additionally, starting with OS X