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By downloading the AdBlock extension, you can get rid of a lot of the ads that clutter up pages and slow load time, although we should remind you that these ads are a big part of what keeps most of the Web free. Another useful Safari extension is ClickToFlash, which prevents Flash content from loading, replacing it with a placeholder. Another one you might want to consider is JavaScript Blocker under the Security heading , which prevents JavaScript from executing unless you tell it to.

These two browsers are brothers under the hood. The current version of TenFourFox is Aurorafox is based on the same code as TenFourFox This gives Aurorafox some advantages, particularly in displaying text, as it can take advantage of improved graphics routines within Leopard.


Aurorafox is also available with an alpha build of Firefox 20, and TenFourFox currently has a development version of Firefox 22, but for stability, stick with the polished release version Safari for Leopard is very outdated in terms of features, speed, and security, while Firefox and hence TenFourFox and Aurorafox remain under development.

That may not sound like much, since no software written in the Leopard era supports full page mode, but TenFourFox and Aurorafox are modern browsers that do support full page mode. Much, much better. Opera Just as Internet Explorer became a malware magnet on older versions of Microsoft Windows, Safari for Leopard has fallen far behind in the security department.

Nor does it have modern features such as full screen mode, which is wonderful on smaller displays.

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In the end, there are lots of options, so try a few to see which fit your needs and style. The version listed as stable is horribly outdated, indeed.

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Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. For these and other reasons, TenFourFox does not run plugins, and they cannot be enabled. Discover New Mac Apps.

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It comes in different tuned versions for specific PowerPC processor families: Version All relevant security and stability fixes from Firefox ESR A shim is in place to maintain add-on compatibility. For performance, CSS error reporting is now disabled by default in More Related Links.

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