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Same goes for unused preference files imho. My main culprit was GeekTool. A calendar geeklet I was using was set to refresh every 0 seconds!

2. Free Up Disk Space

As soon as I changed it to every seconds, the machine was suddenly snappy again. On my iMac, you can hear the hard disk running constantly. This is a great and helpful article, but 9 might be better off as 1 or 2 since this happens no matter what and can be the most annoying. Do a fresh install i instead of upgrade, if you have a rpm hardrive replace with a rpm , save your data songs, videos, etc on separate partition and avoid as possible install too much programs that runs services on background.

I think the OS itself has performance issues. And in case you think my Internet coonexion is to blame, 50 of these 88s we had the default Safari list of recent items, ie it had not even been as far as clearing the screen. During thaat time, trying to switch input languages by clicking on the little flag caused no visible response for 12s.

Is Your Mac Still Running OS X Lion? Why? You Should Upgrade to OS X Mavericks

Snow Leopard was a really lean and mean OS. Mountain Lion, like Lion, is a real pain to use. Tried on three different Macs with the same result. This though, you do not know.

12 Ways to Speed up Mountain Lion -

Google it. Do any of you have done this? A simple Google search should provide plenty of guides and information. Good luck! I think this article left out I never should have upgraded from Snow Leopard. Thanks, it seems simple.

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

Any way, as pointed in teh post above, once spotlight finished indexing about 4 hours , my Mac is up and running even faster. Tags Mountain Lion Speed up tips.

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OS X No more autocorrect slip-ups! About the author.

1. Install Additional Memory

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What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite

The reason of increase in RAM is required if one have need to open several apps at a time. As RAM memory is is consumed at every attempt of opening any app lication. Startup items are those which automatically opens at the time of booting so called startup or login items. Generally users add frequently used app lication in their startup list so that they need not to open them again and again, as it opens automatically when you login to your Mac.

But when such list is increased it causes your Mac slow as all apps add in the startup list tend to open together at booting. Remove Unnecessary Dashboards Widgets: Widgets are small application that you can access in your Mac by pressing the F4 key on your keyboard.

12 Reasons Why Your Mac Runs Slow With Mountain Lion

There are many useful widgets, but every single one consume some memory and keep CPU resources busy although for a while. Turn off Animation of Desktop: By disabling desktop picture animations you can always have same desktop background. To get the best out of your Mac its necessary to keep it clean and fast with some third party tool. In my opinion, Stellar Speed up Mac as one of the best Mac optimization software. Posted by Adison Ross at No comments: Newer Post Older Post Home.