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Designer Faces: Proenza Schouler Spring Jason Wu Spring Makeup artist Valeria Ferreira explains how this concealer trend will change how you do your makeup. Photos of her reddish-purple face are now going viral. Proenza Schouler Spring Designer Faces: Reader's Choice Awards reader review. I don't wear it a lot but when I need it, this covers everything and it's light. You can't even tell I am wearing it. One of my absolute favorite products ever!

This is the only concealer I use for my highlight. It always works for me.

M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

Similar Products. The concealer felt like it bent with each movement of my face and it felt very comfortable even after 12 hours wear.

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  • A highly concentrated creamy concealer that provides opaque coverage and SPF.;

The finish is a semi matte and it looks great as a spot concealer and under the eyes for a brightening effect. I'd like to start by saying I don't look for a tonne of coverage out of a concealer - if I can make my skin look like skin but just a little better, I don't mind having a few spots peek through. This one does that for me. The coverage is decent, but I wouldn't consider it a complete, full coverage. It can look a little bit heavy around the eyes, but I don't usually try to conceal my undereyes anyway, and it looks a lot better if I moisturise well and don't bring the concealer all the way up to my lashline or just focus right on the inner corner where it's darkest.

I found that it didn't really emphasise weird skin texture around pimples too much. The staying power is decent, but I find that it can look a little bit dry as time goes on until my oils start coming through. It does break down a little bit around any deeper lines, but I can easily pat and blend that area with a finger and it looks normal again.


Overall, used sparingly and with a damp sponge, the concealer pretty much gives me the kind of look I want a concealer to give me, and is one that I can use every day without worrying that it will look weird. The Mac 24 hour concealer has been my go-to concealer ever since i got my hands on it!

I have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks, and i prefer not to wear foundation most days.

M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer Reviews

I love the doe foot applicator and its a good size to get underneath the eyes and around the nose. This is the perfect heavy-duty concealer without the cakiness of a traditional heavy-duty pot concealer. I'd highly recommend it on minimalist days for those who prefer to use it on trouble spots instead of going full coverage foundation. The concealer comes in a standard concealer tube with applicator making it easy to apply and distribute the product. The concealer is creamy and I found that it blended easily into my skin with either fingers or a small beauty blender.

The concealer was great at providing additional coverage for my blemishes, as the foundation was a lot lighter in coverage than I am used to. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to cover the dark circles under my eyes quite as well. By the end of the day I did notice that the concealer had started to gather in the fine lines around my eyes, however this is something that I find with all concealers.

I loved this concealer.. Definitely elegant MAC.. Nice big sized concealer.. A little definitely goes a long way. The product is a lovely full coverage and blocks out blemishes and redness and I am a normal to dry with very red cheeks. It covers that up without looking dry or overdone. I always moisturise before hand so my skin is smooth and hydrated but this concealer is smooth and perfect in it's coverage. The colour looks dark in the tube but comes out a shade lighter on the skin. It's not overpowering on the smell either, it's free of chemical smells and is light and airy. I won't be using any other concealer from one on.

It was amazing to be shown how to use this product and the brushes really help get it into the skin. I am excited to see how long it lasts from first use to finish. I recommend this for anyone of any age. I don't usually use a lot of concealer as I don't really find that it ever turns out a natural finish. This concealer is different. I received shade NW20 which is a light colour and fits my skin perfectly. It is so easy to natural blend, either with your fingers or a concealer brush.

It goes on natural and blends to hid dark circles and brighten the eye area without looking like a panda or unnatural contouring which I am not a fan of. The price point is a little higher than I would usually buy, but I would make an exception with this product. It lasted all evening, stayed on well as good as when first applied. Firstly, a huge thank you to BH for allowing me to try this new and very exciting product! The concealer comes in a small glass tube which you twist open to reveal the classic doe foot applicator inside.

It had a faint paint-like scent which wasn't overpowering and was pleasant. I used this by dotting a few spots under my eyes and on spots I wanted to conceal, then used the MAC brush to blend it out. It had a medium thickness, creamy consistency and blended quite well with the brush.

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I felt it instantly brightened up my under eyes and got rid of any spots, and it stayed in place for the day. A little bit really goes a long way - with only a few dots I got quite full coverage under my eyes, and you could definitely add more or less to adjust your coverage. I was absolutely thrilled to take part in the MAC trial, and have professional makeup artists colour match my skin..

One of the products that was matched was their brand new concealer. The colour match is perfect which means it can be used under or over foundation depending on needs and preferences. The product certainly goes the distance lasting all day and you only need a minimal amount for it to do its job! You can apply with either finger tips or with a brush. This is another stellar product in the MAC range that is sure to please. The packaging is in the trademark MAC box.

Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

If you love a good concealer with excellent coverage that lasts all day, then this is the product for you. I was very fortunate to get selected to be on the trial team for the Mac 24 Studio Fix Concealer, and had my colour matched during a BH Mac Master Class which allowed me to get ideally matched! I really like this concealer, as I usually experience concealer sinking into the fine lines under my eyes by the end of the day, which accentuates my early signs of aging; however I found this concealer didn't do this to the same extent as other concealers I have tried.

In relation to coverage; I found this product covers my dark circles very very well, and it definitely lasted all day. I found the applicator makes you put on more than you need, however after a few practice runs I learnt to be strategic with its application. In summary, I would recommend this product to anyone who has fine lines under their eyes, and for those who want high coverage for dark circles. I'm not one who wears concealers often but I really do love this concealer. It is not a make up staple in my repertoire but after this one, I would definitely wear them more often.

The concealer comes in a tube that resembles a mascara tube.

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I tried it firstly at the MAC Masterclass and then subsequently at home when I need the extra help to cover up blemishes and under eye bags. Boy oh boy! I should've used concealers a long time ago because it makes life so much easier. No particular smell or anything, it is creamy and goes on smoothly on your skin. I did not realise that there were different concealer shades but the MAC lady helped me find the right shade of concealer for me.

So happy. I can use less foundation and just use concealer to cover the various bits to avoid looking to heavy make up.

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I highly recommend using this concealer as it lasts all day. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. It has mad a big difference to typical dry skin areas: Once again Maybelline does not disappoint with this latest addition to the super stay coverage range. This foundation is super easy to use and it glides onto your skin smoothly. Some Palmolive scents can be poorly blended, but this hand wash smells lovely!