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One of these is the way the locations of files are described, generally referred to as file paths i.

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The biggest difference is in how the two traditions think about volumes i. In the Mac OS tradition, each volume is thought of as an independent entity; it shows up on the desktop as a separate icon, which contains everything on that volume.

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The only exception to this is files on the desktop; each volume can have its own desktop, and what you see on your screen is actually all of the volumes' desktops merged together. The unix tradition, on the other hand, does not think of volumes also known as "filesystems" in unix-speak as independent entities in this way. Whichever volume the computer booted from is the main or "root" filesystem, and all other mounted volumes show up like folders "directories" in unix-speak somewhere inside the root filesystem or even inside each other.

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So here is my guide: Authors are listed Surname, Initials: Comma separate multiple authors. Then you put the year of the paper in parens Then the title of the paper. Not every word is capitalized: Search this Guide Search. Please note that these requirements are referring to EndNote Desktop X8. Formatting and unformatting citations in Word Editing citations in Word: In Word, place the cursor on the citation you would like to edit.

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    Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the citation you want to remove, and select Remove Citation.