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How to fix Mac won't connect to Wi-Fi

Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Jameswang Reputable. Jun 1, 1 0 4, 0. Ive been using a computer from toshiba for a while and it suddenly stops be from using other sites but it lets me use google and youtube. Im connected to the internet when this happens.

None of my other devices have this problem when connected. When i wait for a page to load it says no data received. Help pls. DubbleClick Admirable. Jun 16, 2, 0 6, Clear cookies and everything else and try again. If it doesn't work, reset your browser to factory settings or simply reinstall it.

Nov 3, 4, 0 26, While I agree with DubbleClick about resetting the browser, I'm concerned about what caused this problem in the first place. I recommend that you scan your computer for virus and trojan infections by using the following utilities: I have a laptop in the same room on a wired ethernet connection and it is working fine.

Web Pages Not Loading? Here’s How to Change Your Mac’s DNS Servers – The Mac Observer

All devices are working fine over wireless which include two Samsung Galaxy phones, another laptop, and two Xboxes. That would bring my total number of devices on the network to 7 5 wireless, 2 wired. My desktop computer having the issue is a homebuilt with an Asus motherboard and 4th gen intel i7.

I could go refer to the exact models if that information was necessary but I figured I'd throw out the issue first. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Apr 6, 37, 6 , 4, Have you tried resetting both your cable modem and router? Hey COLGeek. Yes I have reset my modem multiple times to no avail. I have also restarted my computer a few times. I disabled my Bitdefender firewall to no avail.

2. Use Network Diagnostics

However, I can offer a significant update I probably should have called Spectrum before posting but I was starting to assume the problem was purely on my end and not related to them. I just got off the phone with Spectrum and they were able to remove my computer from the modem's firewall and that seemed to fix the issue temporarily. Now it seems like I still need to figure out what is causing the conflict between my computer and the hardware firewall in the modem or my computer will only have the software firewall to protect it.

Mac troubleshooting: What to do when you can't connect to the Internet

I can provide relevant information but honestly I have not dealt with problems like these much in the past and therefore would not know exactly what would be needed for anyone to help. Do let me know if there's anything I should add. I have seen DNS issues cause similar problems. Ask Question. This applies to all browsers. It also applies whether I'm connected via ethernet or WiFi. Rebooting the computer fixes things for a while. But eventually the problem comes back. Dan Tao Dan Tao 1 1 5. Does your internal IP address change after rebooting? You mean like what I see if I run ifconfig? If so the answer appears to be no—it stays the same Ah OK, I was was just wondering whether it was anything to do with your internal IP address being blocked somehow You mentioned that rebooting temporarily fixed the issue.

Ram Gadde Ram Gadde 21 1. The commands for El Capitan: Turning off IPv6 support for ethernet: Running networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi fixed this issue for me when I suddenly encountered it using my macbook running OSX Sierra a coffee shop.

I've tried all of the above with limited success sometimes works, sometimes does not. The issue seems to occur almost every time I wake my Macbook from sleep. Allan Astipak Astipak 1. Rae Rae 1.

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