Two cds stuck in mac

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Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 1. The All-New. The high performance electronics repair kit. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Ben Eisenman Rep: Your first hope is to boot up your machine while holding the left mouse button. Keep us posted! Was this answer helpful? Score 4. Nick nick Rep: You've already tried the eject button on the keyboard and rebooting holding the mouse key down.

So if the system won't eject any on it's own, do you have a pick tool, like a dentist might use, to reach in the slot and try to roll out one of them? Unless you have the suction cups, and want to open up the iMac, may be time to take it to the store and let the tech there open it up and get the disks out. See this to see what's involved: You could try lying your iMac face down on something dust free and soft so as not to damage the screen etc: This should force eject a disc, but it might not cope with 2 discs jammed in there. Did both go in at the very same time?

Usually when one disc is already in the drive a tiny shutter should drop into place to block the second one from going in. If the two discs went in together then you probably will need to take the iMac into a service provider so that they can remove the optical drive, then removal the several tiny screws holding the optical drive's metal top cover in place so that the DVD's can then be manually removed.

I don't think you can use the normal eject cycle to remove two stuck DVD's. May 14, 2: I read where they actually use a vacuum to draw stuck disks out at the service centers. If you can find an attachment that is wide enough it could draw them out. Sep 4, 9: Dec 2, Here is a solution to this same problem that just worked for me.

The material should be thinner than a credit card and thicker also more firm than a piece of paper. Slide the strip into the CD slot and then restart the iMac. When you hear the whirring sound that indicates that your iMac is trying to eject a disc, begin sliding the strip gently back and forth. The idea is to move one or both of the discs in sync with the iMac's eject mechanism, giving it a little bit of extra traction. This just worked for me after a number of other solutions -- trying to eject along with credit card, with vacuuming, with turning the iMac on its side -- all failed.

Jan 12, 8: Feb 3, 5: It would only read from the disc. Clicking down on the track pad during boot worked for me. Victoria and Monica if you two visit this site again to see our comments well hey you two sound cute! This info really helped thank you so much. As a Mac tech, all good and useful ideas. Open a terminal window and use Disk Recorder Util:. The 45 degree angle worked like a charm. Eventually got it out by turning on computer, tilting it and pressing eject.

Bingo it worked. Thank you for saving my weekend. Kudos to you!!! Holy crap, that worked. Thanks for the tips. I tried all of your methods several times, then after i put a thick card in and tilted it and pushed eject, took out the card-out popped the CD- Many thanks. First, quit all applications that are using files on the disc. Then try one of these alternate methods:.

If your drive has an emergency eject hole, put the computer to sleep and insert a large, straightened paper clip in the small emergency eject hole of the drive the location varies, depending on the drive. Push firmly until the disc ejects. Use Open Firmware to eject the disc if all other methods fail this may not work on all computers. To use this method, you have to start up and briefly use the computer using Open Firmware, not the standard Mac OS X desktop. To eject a disc using Open Firmware: Restart the computer. When you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Command-Option-O-F keys.

The Command key has an Apple on it. Press Return, then wait a few seconds.

How to get out 2 CDs?

My leopard CD was stuck inside and all it did was install the software upgrade. I cannot boot. Many thanks from a switcher. CS 5 days ago. Kim 4 months ago.

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Remove a stuck CD or DVD from a slot loading drive - Mac OS X Hints

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How To Eject A Stuck CD/DVD In A Mac

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