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Important note: An iOS device can be activated at a later stage for the Push service without needing a new configuration email since no new configuration data needs to be sent to the device. The three provisioning methods are as follows: Provisioning using the welcome email will work across all network topologies and clients and is the prefered method to connect a 3CXPhone client to the 3CX Phone System.


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In order to auto provision the 3CXPhone client via email the user must have received the welcome email. This is sent automatically when the extension is created. However, if you wish to resend it: This does not require the user to keep the phone active and the 3CXPhone client turned on to be able to receive calls or text messages — the phone can go to sleep to save battery life. After configuring your Push settings you will need to select which extensions have Push functionality enabled.

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To do that: Once the user accepts the update, the downloader will start and download the new installation of 3CXPhone: After the file download is finished, the new client will be installed automatically and 3CXPhone will restart on its own for the upgrade to complete. The Mac OS client downloads the new dmg file and mounts it for the user. When this is completed you can launch the 3CXPhone app from the dock. The Android and iOS clients update automatically through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store depending if automatic update is activated on the iOS device when they detect a newer version of the client online.

A web-based user manual exists for all three 3CXPhone platforms and can be found here: If the extension is not listed in the 3CXPhone Clients tab, the client is not currently connected. No configuration at all is required on the client side. As soon as the user switches network and 3CXPhone detects this change it automatically reconfigures itself to the appropriate state to restore connection to the 3CX Phone System. Note for Android users to save battery: This will consume more battery because a Wi-Fi or mobile data network connection must be kept alive.

To avoid this, close the application. No configuration at all is required. In most cases 3CXPhone for iPhone will connect without problems. However, if there are issues, then you must: According to Apple iOS app standards, every time you press the home screen, and the application goes to the background, 3CXPhone for iPhone will go into background mode and must unregister.

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This is an iOS standard procedure to preserve battery life. The use of the combination of Apple Push Service and the 3CXTunnel at the same time is not recommended as the tunnel needs to be started before the call can be picked up from the Push Message. This means that if 3CXPhone has been idle for more than 10 minutes, you will need to do the following: Extension Management Introduction This chapter explains how to create and configure extensions Call Queues Introduction Call Queues allow calls to be queued whilst agents members of a call Toggle navigation.

In the Manager role, you can see calls from anyone in your department. For additional information about Group Rights, refer to the Extension Groups and Rights section of this manual.

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