Pc vs mac for small business

It said the new system was in the works last year, but it's looking unlikely a new Mac Pro will hit store shelves before Until then, the five-year-old, thermally constrained, expansion-averse cylinder can be had The iMac Pro is a good pick for professional needs, but it's seemingly not built to last, cramming its storage, RAM, and display into a hermetically sealed, non-upgradeable chassis.

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If you're tired of waiting for Apple to offer a true pro desktop, why not check out what Dell's dishing out? These modular, upgradeable towers offer plenty of possibilities to make this machine last for a decade or longer. Unlike Apple's old-ass trash can, Dell's workstations can be upgraded with ridiculously powerful processors with dozens of cores, modern graphics, and up to GB of RAM.

You don't even have to open the case up to add more storage thanks to an externally accessible caddy solution.

Mac vs PC - Which Is Better?

For users clinging to their trusty cheesegrater Mac Pro towers , Dell's traditional, functional, buttoned-down tower should feel like coming home. Plus, Dell's pro machines all come with a three-year on-site repair agreement, so you'll never be caught waiting around for someone to pay attention to you at the crowded Apple Store and you'll save hundreds over buying AppleCare.

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Mac or PC: What Should Your Small Business Use?

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AP Apple computers cost a lot more than some PCs, but they're worth their high price when you consider the value you get for your money. Macs get regular software updates that make them more capable over time. Bug fixes and patches are even available on older versions of MacOS to keep more vintage Macs safe. If you love the way something looks as much as how it works, it's also difficult to argue against a Mac's aesthetic value.

My longest-running Mac is an iMac from that refuses to quit.

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The Mac is part of Apple's ecosystem of products, and it works seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad. Apple can update software patches and make improvements quicker than PC makers. Your Mac will last for a long time, and if it breaks, you know exactly where to take it. Apple I've owned several Macs, but the first one I got to use at home was an iMac my mom bought for our home in late Macs have a high-end look and feel. Knowing what you're getting makes the price of a Mac easier to justify. While Apple updates its OS occasionally, adding in features and power, the company more or less maintains the status quo.

Sometimes Windows OS updates feature minor improvements too, but other times Windows decides to do something completely different and terrible, like Vista an OS everyone hated or Windows 8 an OS no one understood. An easy way to give your staff especially your tech pros flexibility is to allow them to install their own OS on their work PCs. Once installed, Ubuntu functions much like any other OS, and it is relatively intuitive and user-friendly.

It's also easy to install it yourself, thanks to Ubuntu's extensive online training materials.

Fewer differences than you think

Even if this rumor doesn't come to fruition, the Pixelbook and other standout business Chromebooks deserve consideration when you're shopping for a business device. These machines tend to last longer on a charge than their PC counterparts, and they tend to be inexpensive, due in part to a lack of storage space. Chromebooks are meant to run web applications rather than downloaded software. As more storage moves to the cloud, SaaS continues to spread, and downloading software becomes a less frequent occurrence, it's possible Chromebooks will naturally take over.

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