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A problem occurs when one uses Migration Assistant to bring a user account over from another machine or via TimeMachine or bootable clone.

How to Merge iTunes Libraries

Instead of the files going into the active user account, it creates another account on the machine matching the ones migrated. Users want their old files into the account newly created on the machine, or pick through what they want and delete the rest along with the old account. One can't merge two or more accounts on the same machine, rather they can exchange files between accounts thus one can get all the user files and the other accounts deleted.

Understanding User Accounts in macOS | The Mac Security Blog

Any files placed in there will change permissions and be accessible to that user when you log into it. I would advise taking your time, exporting bookmarks, adddresbook contacts and email addresses, then when your really really sure, head to System Preferences in the Admin account and delete the other accounts.

Since dropping items into the DropBox copies them, I advise to take your time and delete the originals out of the soon to be deleted user account as not to fill your boot drive too much or the machine will fail to boot or operate. Using Migration Assistant will move user accounts to a new Mac, plus the programs in Applications folder, which is a global access folder for all accounts.

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If you have programs stored in the User account folders like self contained ones and delete that user account, so will those programs residing in that user acount will be deleted. Copy them to Applications folder for all users to use, or via the methods above to use with only one user account.

Merge 2 user accounts in the same computer

But you must do it application by application, as they're all different. But if there are things in one account that don't exist in another, you can copy them. While that's mostly for restoring selected things from Time Machine backups, the location of some common data files are shown in green there. Either approach may be easiest to do via Fast User Switching , so you can switch back and forth between the two accounts.

Can I Merge Mac User Accounts After a Time Machine Restore? [Ask MacRx]

To enable Fast User Switchin g: Once it's enabled, you can click that menu item at the right of your menubar and select another user account. When you click it, you'll be prompted for the password. The first account will be suspended, not logged-off, so you can switch back and forth quickly thus the clever name. Some things are easier to copy than others.

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If you just want to copy, say, a folder with some movie files, and there isn't a folder of the same name, in the same place, in the new account, it's easy, via the procedure in the blue box below. If you select Replace , the existing folder and all its contents will be deleted and replaced with the one being copied. If there are multiple duplicates, you'll get one prompt for each, unless you check the Apply to All box. There is no "merge contents" option.

Can I Merge Mac Os X User Accounts?

This will be a problem especially in the Library folder, since many things there are created automatically for each user account. Unless you're certain which things in that folder to copy or replace, you may create a major mess. Proceed with great caution, at your own risk. So you may need to do the copy in smaller chunks, then verify that everything was copied properly, and delete the originals. If some of the items have special permissions, those permissions won't be copied via this procedure.

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