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Comedy—my brand of comedy is a conversation with Tony Rock. Comedy is a humorous dialogue on the human spirit. You look at how many of them had lasting careers.

Def Comedy Jam - Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac (R.I.P.) and Martin Lawrence, | Comedy

They started at Def Jam and then went on to have TV shows. Some of the biggest black entertainers in history started at Def Jam: And what are you hoping to do with the new show, All Def Comedy? When I started doing comedy, a huge inspiration was Def Comedy Jam. It was always in the back of my mind, and if I ever got the opportunity, I would hop at it. Martin Lawrence was the greatest Def Jam host ever. There will never be another Martin Lawrence, but I think I have some uniqueness and a skill set that is different that will be appreciated when you watch it.

Sensitivities have changed so much in comedy. As a comedian, how do you keep going and creating jokes based on limitations? Speaking for myself, I refuse to censor myself, make apologies for a joke or be cautious of things I say when in a comedy-club setting. I believe there should be a note on the door when you walk in comedy clubs or theaters that says: You need to be prepared.

Everything is under the guise of humor.

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Comedians are unapologetic. Our entire world right now opens itself up to so many possibilities, but people get very upset about stickier topics. Is there room in your stand-up for commentary around sexual assault? Smart comics are always the funniest. You look across the board, the smarter guys are doing more high-brow stuff, thought-provoking stuff. I have to write about a topic. It has to be done [with] tact. Ordinary Americans, too, were upset.

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The way things are going now, we're going to laugh ourselves into oblivion. The younger generation of comics who appeared on the show wholly rejected these accusations and dire predictions: Cosby can't throw that to me. Cuss words to me are just words. Where I come from, they're just words. That's how they talk.

Def Comedy Jam

Those were their jokes. It was their opportunity to do their routines, tell their jokes, and use their language just as they did in a club, except now they were on camera. Though not all of the comics who appeared on Def Comedy Jam had a strong hip-hop sensibility, there was no question who was running the show. The audience was always filled with members dressed in the current fashions—the most distinctive outfits in the crowd were consistently good material for the comedians onstage.

And the comedians were hip-hop, too—take Bernie Mac. In a take-off from the old-school comic bit of using the drummer to punctuate the punchline, Mac has the DJ drop a beat in place of a cymbal crash. They attack. Now everyone thinks that's what black comedy is. Many in the business predicted, rightly, that the trend of profanity-, sex-, and insult-based humor would eventually burn itself out. The comics who were ready, though, make up the real legacy of Def Comedy Jam.

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On May 8, , he became increasingly erratic and was arrested after he brandished a pistol in the middle of an intersection on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, screaming, "They're trying to kill me! In March , Lawrence was arrested after punching a man in a Hollywood nightclub. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Martin Lawrence, see Martin Lawrence disambiguation.

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The Tampa Tribune. Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence to reprise drag roles".

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