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Trilogy […]. With host […]. The new track is produced by RealChanceBeats and is about the trap in a literal sense as well as a figurative sense. Chef raps about working hard in any situation, something that anyone can relate to.

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Chef Noriega will be […]. In addition to the cover art, Lil Wayne also stated that the album would be dropping on October This news probably […]. Out Here: Subtly drawing from many areas of electronic […]. Elorm Nutakor The video above is the depiction of a 23 year old woman whose personal life has proven to divert attention from her true creativity. In her interview on the Breakfast Club, Teyana Taylor spends the majority of her 30 minutes dealing with questions about her relationship issues.

This reality was disappointing for […]. This album dropped me off in the trees of the jungle canopy and in the sky at the same time. The show had its humble beginnings in as a rotation show when, like a boy band, the DJs […]. How is it that Harry Stiles going through a breakup can make my sister slam her door shut and sob the entire morning? The only […]. First […]. The music staff put together some of the spookiest songs about zombies and monsters that we could find. Listen below, and have a happy Halloween: Math rock tempos, happy-go-lucky harmonies, and tender lyrics are all elements that Johnny Foreigner incorporate into their music.

The foreigners from Birmingham, UK, have put out five albums […]. Host Dylan Mccord. With host High Water.

Mac Demarco - Young Blood [Adult Swim](acoustic)

An awesome night of Missouri grown tunes. Phantasmosis aka. Boasting a unique slacker tone, they utilize quirky rhythms and vocals to capture an energetic tone that would fit any indie low budget movie. You can also check […]. Time went on, though, and these rappers ceased to send chills down my spine in the way that they once did. All, […]. Ellen Sherman There is something so timeless about a classical performance; the string section alone is enough to capture any audience craving a beautiful tune.

The performance by the Philharmonia Quartett Berlin on Thursday was nothing short of an exquisite show fit for royalty. Four men from the Berlin Philharmonic came together to form […]. Back in , […]. Miranda July! Watch the lyric video below. You […]. Arabian Prince; Brother Arab To be honest I picked this album from the library entirely off of its cover.

Cuffing Season: The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed. Urban Dictionary […]. Kelly Yambor When one of my friends saw the worldly, indie-pop band tUnE-yArDs open for Arcade Fire on their most recent tour, she described their performance as absolutely all over the place, bold and exciting. In her particular experience she even […]. If you want anything from a base heavy beat melded with bold vocals to blast with the windows down to a saccharine piano ballad delicately paired with intricate lyrics dipped […]. With the money they spend to see a live show, they would typically expect for the performance to surpass the experience of simply listening to an album.

Unfortunately, sometimes a concert can leave fans feeling underwhelmed […]. With host Dig Nitti. Columbia Jazz Jam Cafe Berlin. Chris Merritt […]. Tommy Walzer Before Mark Hoppus sang about going away to college, Milo left for college and never looked back. The album is as angsty and cheeky as it is agressive; […]. Kendrick Lamar. Because of […]. With this in mind, I want to use […]. This 9th Street Summerfest is the perfect way to say goodbye to the warm weather. Their most recent release, Lousy with […].

Influenced by electronic minimalists, cloud rap aesthetic, and southern hip hop beats, their resulting sound is mellowed-out, dream-like, hypnotic, and pays homage […].

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Anna Edwards Robert Plant, one of the few survivors from the era which pioneered rock music, once again diverges from his Led Zeppelin origins. In his new solo album, he turns instead to the stellar sound that he and Allison Krauss first created in their Grammy-award winning album Raising Sand. Lullaby and… The Ceaseless […].

Artists this year include: Start your […]. Every generation can be defined by their music: Elorm Nutakor In the event of searching for new music, I always wonder how many artists I overlook that have replay potential. The origins of […]. Taylor Enderle You may be familiar with the captivating pull of her soulful dance beat, or maybe with the smooth and fearless way she works a track. This Kentucky […]. Two minutes later, the group came to form the Grammy award winning […].

With that said, Noname Gypsy still manages to stand out among the crowded internet highways of Chicago hip hop. Garnering attention from her heartfelt feature on […]. With host The Mojo Roots. Move your weekend up to Wednesday with this electronic show. Get there early to catch the opener, […].


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Working at the college student radio station has opened me up to a lot of great experiences. Between having multiple specialty shows, interviewing touring bands and interning at the recording studio I have had my fair share of fun projects at KCOU. This summer I was fortunate enough to cover the Wakarusa Music Festival as […]. Give us a shout if you want one. Reid Foster […]. To start, a full band is used in almost every […]. His style and choice of words confound gender norms.

Even his stage name sets him apart; so generic it almost feels like a satirical comment on rap. I loved it, but I never really looked much farther beyond that. John Bat The first time I saw Cults back in , everything was small. The stage was small, the band was small, and even the crowd was small. By Dave Wasserstrom In the past 4 years of my time spent in Columbia I have become more exposed to and have grown an appreciation for the local music scene.

From Ubervice, the electronic DJ playing most nights in various clubs downtown, to my hippie earthy acquaintance Corey, who plays the drums in speaker circle […]. Open Mic The Blue Fugue. Tonight is a special open mic night, house band Punch Face will be debuting. Happy hour from Straight from the Columbus […]. Emily Holtzman, Asst. Their live show […]. From Indian Lakes: Able Bodies Released November, I came across these dreamy, indie California natives last year, and un-shamefully listen to this album in full at least once a week. Allow […]. Patrick McKenna Plugging in headphones takes listeners to a different place.

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After one listen to the latest EP […]. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with all of his alter egos. Assuming responsibilities for the production as Larry Fisherman and disguising his voice as Mr. Thomas sounding like Alvin from the Chipmunks, Miller takes […]. A fantastic lineup of ambient artists to get your pre-finals week off to the right start.

With host Hell or Highwater. Michael K. Williams and Joan Smalls co-star in the dark video displaying an interesting fight between the two of them. The album is available to stream or buy on their Bandcamp, and stay tuned for an upcoming vinyl release. Support local music! Erica Whyman Radiohead is one of those bands that is seemingly hard to forget about it. Ellen Sherman I have this disgusting love for jazz.

Laura Mvula is one of those ladies bringing that soul back, while making it accessible for listeners today. Her first album, […]. Get your blues rock fill at The Bridge! At only 18, Matthew Curry is an amazing blues guitarist, and he and the band are sure to bring an electrifying show. While this album is brand new, any song would easily soundtrack a moment from the Anderson canon past, present, and future.

This album, like an Anderson film to […]. Every once in a while actually, this is starting to happen more frequently I find myself in somewhat of a listening rut. I will listen to the same three or four artists over […]. It kicks off the album and gets my heart pumping […]. It seems that a lot of the time new and good stuff is coming from artists with an […]. To be honest […]. His bassist, Andy, added to the cool vibe with […]. A fun mix of local and regional artists playing after hours at your favorite local ice cream shop. You may disagree with me on […].

Craig Gerdes resurrects old, swinging country in live concert. Professor Swag. Novelty Music Needs to Mount a Comeback. Weekly Recs: Jerry Paper, Parcels and Colter Wall. DJ Luty. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. Jorja Smith — I Am Raw. Make More of Those. Kali Uchis — After The Storm ft.

SiR feat. Biig Piig — Vice City. The 90s are Played Out: Miguel — Caramelo Duro feat. Electric Eclectic Neo-Soul Novelty: A Joint Editorial Review. Remy Ma — Wake Me Up ft. Engelwood — a new feeling ft. IDK — Mrs. U-nix — Star?? An Open Letter To Spotify. Miguel is Not Working on a New Album…. To the End: Pitchfork is Too Cool for Indie Rock.

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Kendrick Lamar — DNA. Perfume Genius — Slip Away. Eric Bellinger ft. Wale — Treat Yourself. Pats Playlist. The Shins — So Now What. Taylor Bennett- Nobody Tell a Name ft.

Mac DeMarco – “Young Blood”

Crossing the Stream. Calvin Harris [Ft. HNDRXX Announcement hip-hop The most prolific mainstream rapper of the past five years is back with a new album, only a week after dropping his excellent self-titled album. The 59th Annual Grammy Awards: Big Sean — Light ft. Swimming Against the Stream.

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Sensu — Far Away feat. Lupe Fiasco ft. Rick Ross and Big K. Catch Him on the Zenith. Vic Mensa: The Woke Lion. A Lesson in Music Shaming. The xx — On Hold. Zeroh — Gun Metal feat. NxWorries — Get Bigger. Manatee Commune — Clementine ft. Literally Underground Sessions: Pizza Boy. Watch his set and interview below: Who is Pizza Boy? Paper Ceilings. The Function of the Bonus Track.

Sky and the Grindpop Movement. Bk Bambino. Album Experience: Watch some of our highlights of the fest below: J Fernandez. Fresh and Captivating: What to do this Week: Enemy Airship. Dubb Nubb. Check it Out: What to Do this Week: The Reggae Comeback. Fresh Beats: The Shortcomings of Revivalism.

Beautifully Haunting: Muscle and Marrow. Music Staff Playlist: Happy Holidays. Local Jams: Obscure Album: In Time: Switch Up: Mary J. What to do This Week: Food for Your Ears. Dick and Haruki Murakami. Fish [LP] by ShitKid. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. Free Download. Gorgeous Bully - Little Pepper Nai Harvest - Onion Man FVC - Don Juan Fake Laugh - Young Coconut Shunkan - Hachiko Husband Material - Hoso Boyo Early Ghost - Special K Remember the instrumental album that Mac DeMarco pushed out early July?

There are so many things better than feeling nothing at all. Long-term relationships are like a fucking mountainscape, you know? Things go up, things go down. Be respectful. And be real. Back at Nambucca, Kiera gets several cheers, and audience members ask about his mum, Agnes, who has developed something of a cult following online. Numerous Reddit threads are dedicated to speculation about aspects of his life: Does that bother him?

But he also likes to throw curveballs about his life into the mix: Recently he said in an interview that he had become a father, prompting family members to get in touch to congratulate him; his mother said it almost gave her a heart attack. I mean, they were game for a while but it gets crazy. What makes him angry? A whole number of different things. What does he think of life under Trump? The only stage at which he gets close to losing his cool is at the gig at Nambucca. A fan has climbed on to the stage, more people pile on, and DeMarco encourages the raucousness.