Missing mac hd icon on desktop

So for your easy convenience, I offer you potential clues to fix External hard disk missing on Mac desktop.

Step 1. Go to Finder on the top menu bar you can navigate Finder using Spotlight Search. Step 2. Click on Preferences…. Step 3.

Top 10 Best Ways to Find Missing Mac Hard Drive Icons and Replace Existing Ones

Choose an external drive from the left sidebar. And then check again. There are various programs that you can use to repair these damaged files so you can get your computer working fine again. This includes restoring missing icons like your hard drive icon. One of the programs that you can try is TechTool Pro 5.

1. Drag the Drive Back To Finder

Aside from missing icons, it can also detect and fix other problems that you may have on your Mac. This can prevent costly repair if hiring a technician. Plus, this will keep your computer running smoothly. It has a user friendly interface making it easy to use. Even if you are a beginner, you will not have trouble learning how to use this program. This is a tool that you can use to maintain your system and keep it optimized. It can check your computer for any errors and corrupted files and give you the option to fix them.

How to restore icons default on mac

This includes missing icons on your desktop that may be caused by corrupted files. Aside from this, it also offers other features that you can use on your computer. Some of them are clearing browser cache, deleting applications and removing stored passwords. This is a free program that you can use for showing missing icons and files that were hidden due to a fake antispyware program. These malicious programs pretend that they are maintenance and repair applications. When you fall for their trap, your computer will be infected and you will start to see files and icons missing on your system.

How to restore items in the Finder sidebar

UnHide reverts the changes made by spyware. This means that if the icons were hidden because of this, you will be able to restore them through this application. However, this is only applicable for internal drives.

How to read Mac hard drive on Window pc

Since removable drives are not attacked by this rogue spyware, you may need to use another program for fixing the issue for missing removal drives. Install UnHide and open the program to start the process. A black window will appear which means that it is performing the scan and repair. Restart your computer once done.

Other users who were experiencing the same issue have reported about running DiskWarrior on their computer and it brought back their missing icons. Plus, it looks strange. One solution to the missing Dock icon issue is to temporarily remove the app from your Dock and then re-add it. Once that generic icon is gone, add the application back to your Dock.

One way to do that is to open your Applications folder and drag the item in question down into your Dock; you can find a shortcut to that Applications folder by clicking on the blue smiley face on the left side of your Dock to open the Finder …. Applications go on the left side of that line, and folders, files, and other shortcuts live on the right side. In many cases, removing and re-adding an application can solve the issue.