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Thanks guys for the help. It's fantastic and so appreciated.

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The next step is typing the scripture verses I need in Photoshop correctly since the English keyboard is just letter for letter and I'm not fluent in either language. Any advice on that part of it? Brent Grosvenor: The next step is typing the scripture verses I need in Photoshop correctly. I should have tried that to begin with.

The Macintosh Package (Obsolete)

Photoshop keeps it in vector format after copy and paste. Very simple.

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I found them on some websites and copied. Andersen-Forbes Analyzed Text.

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Steve has pointed out some of the Hebrew and Greek texts contained in your package. Do you need assistance in locating the appropriate words? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

How to Install Fonts on Mac

Posted on Dec 5, 6: Dec 5, 9: You don't need to worry about them. In the future tell people what kind of device you are talking about, so we don't have to guess whether it is an iphone or a Mac. Dec 5, 4: Word for Mac has never supported correct Hebrew, so it is best to use any other app: Page content loaded. Dec 5, 7: Dec 5, Thanks for your quick response. Mac OS X 10 can access fonts from several locations.

Free Hebrew font

When fonts with the same name occur in more than one location, the location that occurs first in the following table takes priority. Mac OS X Additional keyboards can be enabled from the Input Menu tab in the International section of System Preferences. Click to place a tick in the check box to the left of each keyboard that you would like to appear on the menu.

After closing System Preferences, there will be a flag in the menu at the top of the screen. Click the flag and a menu of keyboards will drop down.