Notepad++ mac os x alternative

There is highlighter feature provided for some languages. If at all you feel for changing linter, cursor position, history management, file icons or themes you can rely on the packages that are posted in the community frequently. Download from Website: Adobe, the creators of most famous Photoshop app, also has their own text editor called Brackets. The app is free and they are providing new features and extensions every few weeks. It is one of the tools that programmers frequently use in the Git, and Brackets has a built-in feature which helps for easy Git integration.

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Adobe text editor also comes with some unique features such as Extract, which would get the gradient, font, color, and measurement information from a PSD Photoshop Document. After that, this information will be automatically converted into clean CSS. So, when you want to convert a PSD into a website, get yourself a lot of time saved.

Komodo Edit is a light version of the same and it is free. It is a fact that the app lacks behind other text editors by a number of features, but Komodo has got all the relevant features. You are getting common and useful features such as auto-complete, markdown viewing, Multi-language support and change tracking with Komodo Edit. You could get a number of extensions and themes for the app and the IDE from many Github repositories. Komodo Edit. To quickly return to a marked position, it provides the markers feature.

You could copy as many lines of code as you like since jEdit comes with an unlimited clipboard. Visual Studio Code, a Microsoft owned text editor. If you are a developer who develops for the web, you should probably check this app.

3 Best Alternatives to Notepad++ Text Editor for Mac OS X

With support for 30 major languages and other modern web languages, it is best suited for that job. Visual Studio Code. If you are looking for a simple text editor which is free and can replace an IDE and not interested in most advanced features, you can go with Vim. The editor has all the classic features and is a clone of Unix Vi Editor. Although Vim has a big learning curve, Vim is a good companion for developers once learned. The software has been available since which long predates the macOS as we know today.

Along with simple text editing, the app also supports rich text editing and HTML.

Notepad++ On Mac - 8 Easy Steps

The app itself is packed with features including built-in tools text manipulations, Hard Wrap, complete set of HTML Tools for fast, easy, and correct markup, placeholder options for easier site maintenance, multiple files manipulations, customizable syntax coloring support for over two dozen built-in languages, extensive file handling capabilities, and more. The app comes with a one-month free trial, so you can thoroughly test the software before you buy it. If you want to use BBEdit but cannot afford to buy it, you can use TextWrangler which is a product from the same company and is built on the same technology which is used in BBEdit.

It just has fewer features than BBEdit. If you are looking for a powerful yet cheap text-editor build specifically for Mac, look no further than Textastic.

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One of the best features of this app is that it supports iCloud sync , ensuring that your work is synced across devices without you having to do anything. However, the biggest thing that goes in favor of Textastic is that it brings most of the features of premium text-editors at a fraction of their price. Coda 2 Coda 2 is a text editor which is a hard-core tool for all the web developers out there.

Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Coda 2 has all the usual features including. Features like project-wide autocomplete, syntax highlighting for tons of languages, code folding, find and replace, indentation guides, automatic tag closing, and fast commenting and shifting of code. For example, Coda has a deeply integrated file management. Finally, Coda 2 also supports and has an extensive list of plugins which can be used to add a ton of extra features.

CodeRunner 2 CodeRunner 2 is an affordable text-editor which has been designed specifically for a Mac. It is an advanced, highly flexible and easy to use text-editor for Mac.

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The software features a full-blown IDE-level code completion for most languages. Other features include support for TextMate themes, file navigator, automatic indentation support, intelligent bracket matching, live run statistics, multiple selections, and more. If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful text-editor on Mac, do give CodeRunner 2 a chance.

Alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac

However surprisingly, Visual Studio Code is one of the best text-editors you can get on your Mac. It supports highlighting for more than 30 different languages, keyboard-centric and code-focused editing, lightning fast source code editor, Regex support, outlining, autocomplete with IntelliSense, automatic real-time API description, Git control and more. Visual Studio Code also supports extensions which can add a ton of extra functionalities. Visual Studio Code Free To get started with VMware Fusion, we recommend you this detailed tutorial from VMware where you can learn everything you need to know about running Windows applications on Intel-based Mac computers.

Top Code Editors for Mac

One important reason is stability. Unless you have a data recovery solution such as Disk Drill installed on your computer, your chances of recovering your lost data are slim. Disk Drill makes data recovery of over file formats a matter of a single button press, and it comes with handy disk tools to help you keep your data organized and protected. To be as save as you can be, we recommend you have Disk Drill installed on your computer and consider one of the following alternatives to Notepad for Mac.

Brackets is a modern text editor made with the needs of web developers in mind. Brackets is open source, free, and as sleek as a macOS application should be. It has many features, including the ability to search and replace text, auto-indent for common actions, clipboard history, dynamic outline for working with multiple files, file tabs when working with projects, foldable code blocks, and more.