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So happy Apple fixed all of the Mail. Just kidding - it took me 30 seconds to find a bug. On the bright side, it appears that feedback on Mail in On the other hand, there are clearly issues remaining for Apple to patch up in the near future. February 26, Even after OS X And several users corroborate: It appears that users with this problem are mostly Gmail users: One user on another thread seems to indicate a fix: Some users on Twitter are also reporting the new issues: About the Author Mark Gurman markgurman.

Mark Gurman's favorite gear. Today Apple finally released an update to the Mail app in the Mac App Store that is supposed to fix all of the problems with Gmail.

Apple releases workaround for OS X Mavericks mail retrieval problem

Mail Update for Mavericks includes improvements to general stability and compatibility with Gmail, including the following:. Mail in Mavericks tries to meet Gmail on its own terms, more or less. Other software updates available for your computer may appear, which you should install. Also, some updates must be installed prior to others.

Apple is aware of the problem and has seeded an updated Mail app to both Apple employees and testers in Apple's AppleSeed customer program.

Apple is telling testers that the updated Mail app, which carries the same Version 7. The company is also asking users with the updated Mail app to test for the following things: Currently, the update is only available as a downloadable patch for Apple employees and testers rather than a regular update to Mavericks.

While OS X Top Rated Comments View all. Same goes for iOS, seems like the best way to send out updates as quickly as possible - rather than updating the entire OS itself. This is why I always wait until the x.

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Grow a pair pessimists. Every new release has its teething problems on any software Apple or not. Apple did a fantastic job with Mavericks and if you are such whiney rats why do you keep Mavericks?

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Oh right because deep down you know it is great but you love to complain because you can never get enough pats or something. I'm really impressed by just how many bugs the Mavericks version of Mail seems to have considering Apple haven't changed much in it this time round! I assume they've added support for all the new APIs but I don't see how that could break so much! I actually have to use the mouse and click a button now.

Troubleshooting tips for Apple Mail on OS X Mavericks

The way you wrote that makes it seem like a ridiculously huge effort. Tried AirMail when it was beta testing, looked nice but resource hog and couldn't drag emails from one account to another like I can in Mail. I questioned why I was even using it. Came to the conclusion I was using it because it looked pretty. I questioned why I need my email app to look a bit prettier than the already neat looking Mail. After taking that step back I realised Mail. So pessimists, don't hate on Mail.

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You love to hate on things over the smallest stuff. What you think software isn't allowed to have teething issues on release? Do you get upset when you receive a folded bank note too?