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I guess it's not busy all time if they have closed. Looks almost like the new Cdn Tire colours?? I cant see the Military taking it over all the way out there in the park. Canadian Tire? Canadian Tire would spend the money to make the store look like that with the big Glass entrance I was by Old Rona today..

I dont think its going to be Cdn Tire. Almost a "Navy Gray". Maybe it's just primer over the old blue.: I still dont think that building would be a good match for any military storage. Too much glass. How do you secure it?


Landlords snap up coveted Target leases

Glass front Cdn Tire is really nice though! I don't know that the grey is so much a matter of it becoming something new as it is fully debranding it. Getting rid of the Rona colours. Anyway, for what it's worth, I work just down the road from it, so I'll keep an eye on it.

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  • Empire exits movie theatre business June 27, - The company announced on Thursday that its Empire Theatres division is selling its 24 theatres and screens in Atlantic Canada to Cineplex Inc. The deal also includes two theatres with 48 screens in Ontario. Hopefully this redevelopment will speed up. I would love to see it done this year. While I can see how this makes good business sense, I've always seen Empire Theatres as the Nova Scotian theater and will be sad to see it go. Yep, sad day for sure. Some people probably said that same thing when Acadian Lines was bought by a Montreal company, and we all know how well THAT worked out.

    Haven't heard anything other than the mall wants to keep it under raps. It could be a sit-down restaurant or a store. Haven't been in the Mall in a while But whereis Starbucks going. Haven't been in the Mall in a while But whereis Starbucks going Not sure, but I have definitely heard that they are opening in the mall this year. I was kind impressed at how nice and shiny it was: I know Target is from Minnesota, but all that red and white reminds me of Canada.

    Particularly that storefront inside MicMac reminds me of a Canadian flag with a target logo instead of the maple leaf. The Dartmouth store will probably open before ours in Moncton, so we'll have to go check it out! Target knows their marketing, I think they might be sending us subliminal messages, then again it's the look they have in the States too. Anyone knows when it will open? They've been saying Fall I suspect probably September.

    Well, this is what you're going to be greeted with upon entering Canadian Target locations.. It's too bad to see another business closing, but they honestly don't offer that much in the way of originality. I have complete confidence that the space will be filled. Those few blocks of Barrington between Sackville and Spring Garden have been doing well recently. There was an interesting article about Renaissance in ANS tonight.

    I didn't realize how old it is -- it's been around for about 30 years. The owner is retiring. Sort of like how Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is set up: The other space that was Pizza Delight is sq.

    Mic Mac Mall upgrades aim to keep customers from going online | CTV News Atlantic

    There is also and sq. I wonder when Dollarama's lease is up HRM rejects Rona proposal July 10, - 6: Fares Group had applied for a development permit to allow the conversion of existing leasehold space into a Rona. The chain is known for its hardware, home renovation and gardening products. However, in a letter dated June 25, Kevin Warner, a development officer with Halifax Regional Municipality, turned down the application because the site is in a shopping centre zone that does not permit building supplies sales Read More: Yeah you can see it in this redevelopment plan. I wonder if they will re-paint the building.

    CKG hydraulic elevators @ Target in Micmac mall, Dartmouth N.S.

    If this is the case, I hope they can challenge it effectively. I thought Rona was done This would be a good location for one of those stores I think they are refocusing on small sqft, community sized, community based stores, as opposed to the massive, distantly located big boxes like the now closed one in Bayers.

    Thanks for that.

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    Sounds like a smart move as there's lots of deep-pocketed competition in the big box store market, but some room for smaller stores Snaxx Convenience is "opening soon" in the Lower Water bus terminal area. All the City Centre Atlantic advertising panels that were in the windows of the old HMV have been replaced with paper. Anyone know what's coming? The front of CCA now has a "for lease" sign in the front. Well, duh. Hopefully whatever opens up will be a draw for the area. You're right about this. Rona is aiming to create more "proximity stores" in the cities they operate in.

    The idea behind it is to have more, smaller, stores that can better cater to different niches of the market. I'm hazarding a guess that they would make that Bedford store more focused on the consumer goods side of home improvement, as it's in a shopping district. The stores on Robie St. Though I have heard they want into the HSC food court area when the food court moves into the former Fairlanes space. I seem to remember stairs going up from the HMV to a mall years ago. With more groceries going in where the fast food is now.

    Pete's is already in where thoses stairs were agreed would be awesome if that were more Petes. I believe that some of the arguments for this store in Bedford was that it WASN'T going to have outside wood storage and therefor was not a "lumberyard" that would have required industrial? Argument being that it is no different than a Canadian tire or Shoppers Drug Mart for that matter. Im no expert, but I think they have grounds for an appeal, and will likely win.

    I had been speculating that Sobeys might divest themselves of Lawtons just like they did with Empire Theatres to help fund the westward expansion of their grocery business, but with this Loblaws news, I imagine they will now hold onto Lawtons for dear life. They might even think about an accelerated expansion of the chain Apparently Marshall's would like to have stores in both Dartmouth Crossing and Bayer's Lake by late New stores expected to open soon: Bedford Windmill Rd.

    According to HalifaxRetales website http: Not open yet but will soon also noticed yesterday that the Enfield Big Stop is getting a Brand new building. This would make 23 Starbucks locations in HRM.

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    There are 34 Timmies in metro Moncton which, given the fact that Halifax is 3x larger, would work out to Timmies if we were the same size. Again Halifax wins Before we lament about the demise of Mic Mac, there is a bit of info I found out this week. It seems that the Target space is going to be converted into an Indigo and SportChek.

    Other stores around the mall will be shifting around and renovating as well. The lease plan for Park West Centre has been updated with the Canadian Tire gone the new plan show 4 new buildings one I suspect is a mega Lawtons Also in that plaza the former Brewdabakers is being renovated I hear it may be a brew pub or a private liquor store or maybe a combo of both. Of options, your Halifax Moooooseheads at Scotiabank Centre were ranked 39 overall.

    Baba Ghanouj on Barrington is experimenting feeding the late night crowd and will stay open until 4 am on Friday and Saturday. They will be serving their full menu including all-day breakfast. The Retail Council of Canada released a study Dec of the top malls based on sales per square foot. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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