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I just love this series of books. It describes a language feature, gives an example and moves on. This may or may not work for you, especially if you have no prior language experience. Learn Programming Now! My recommendation is to get a grasp of the language basics from another source before jumping into a XNA specific book. That said, Microsoft have muddied the waters by letting their marketing department get involved, so you have Visual C , XNA Game Studio and now Game Studio is included as part of Windows Phone Development Tools… yeah, that makes a ton of sense to me too!

Just to add to the stupidity, Windows Phone Development Tools just rolls off the tongue… only works on Vista and Windows 7, so if you are running Windows XP, you need to download the standalone version. If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, download this or if you are interested in running the newest and beta-est download this. However, if you are running Windows XP download this. Direct Link to EXE. Download Page. D ownload Page. It is Windows only however. XNA is well regarded and is seen as a big reason to use C and for good reason, it really is a wonderful development environment.

XNA handles most of the common tasks for game development. The downside is, it is supported on Windows, Xbox and a subset on Windows Phone 7. There are however projects to port XNA to other platforms or like this one. Therefore it is capable of 2D graphics, sound, loading files, fonts, etc… just like SDL. C specific documentation can be found here. If you want to do cross platform 3D, OpenTK is the way to go. For a beginner, there is probably very little reason, as XNA is a fair bit easier to use. Is a full 3D physics library for. First off, go and download the newest XNA Gamestudio.

Watch some of the Microsoft training materials. Create a few console apps, get a feeling for the language. It would be a very good idea to buy a good introductory book right now if you can afford it, run through their examples. Run through the 2D game tutorial. Oracle's Tutorial Site. Sun and now Oracle put together a very comprehensive set of tutorials for learning the language.

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Start with the getting started tutorials and go from there. You can download the whole wack of them for offline reading here. IBM also has a huge list of Java tutorials available, running the gamut of subjects, some of which would really surprise you coming from big blue! Keeping in mind, IBM was the source of Eclipse, they are probably the second most involved company in the Java ecosystem, aside from Oracle.

Lots of their tutorials are very enterprise oriented, but you will find many that are useful. Here is their introductory tutorial, but perhaps coolest of all, they have a tutorial built around a game for teaching the language! IBM really is a weird beast. Thinking In Java 3rd Edition. It is however a book that is very easy to read, following along and will help you learn the language. You will need other resources, but this book is a very good guide down the path of learning Java.

Plus the whole free thing is very nice! In keeping with my trend of recommending books by the language creator, this book is co-authored by James Gosling. It is a comprehensive and relatively beginner friendly introduction to the Java programming language. Head First Java. This book is an easy read, incredibly easy. Dare I say it, it is actually kind of fun.

It may not be your style, but you should definitely check it out! Java How To Program 9th Edition. A VERY comprehensive introduction to Java at a whopping pages, it also comes with a whopping price tag. It is however the text of choice for many java courses and it covers pretty much all of the language aspects, including many common libraries and frameworks, which to you as a game programmer may not matter. Again though, the price tag is a kick in the teeth. Effective Java. This book, hands down, will make you a better Java programmer. Who said that about Effective Java?

James Gosling… the language creator! I simply cannot think of higher praise. This is an area where Java has always got it right, tools. There over the years have been a number of great IDEs for Java, but three have really jumped to the forefront and fortunately all 3 are available freely. When developing in Java, your first step is to install the SDK software development kit. Just like all things Java there are bewildering number of options and flavors.

Hell, even the Java used for Android development is completely different! Long story short though, unless you know a reason not to, what you want is Java SE Development Kit 7 , at least as of writing it is. You will start noticing a trend very soon! Available across many platforms and sporting a pluggable UI, Eclipse has everything and the kitchen sink for features.

I would say it is the most capable of the IDEs but on the same token, it is also the most confusing. Eclipse kept fouling up my projects again and again and again, if I was a new developer I might have quit in frustration! Get to know the — clean parameter, you are going to use it… a lot. If you must use Eclipse, be sure not to go wild installing plugins unless you absolutely need them! Even figuring out which version of Eclipse to download can be a daunting task!

In that special sort of way that Java has of making things confusing as hell, Netbeans is both the name of an IDE and the name of a platform for developing Swing applications. In this case we are talking about the IDE. Originally started as a student project in 96!

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Since then, Sun and now Oracle have made continuous new releases. It, like Eclipse, supports plugins although nowhere near as extensive or annoying! That said, it just works. For a new developer this is the one I recommend starting with. This incredibly popular IDE, well to be completely honest, I have almost no experience with. Now though, they have a completely free edition!

Again, I have no direct experience with IntelliJ beyond reading the website, but come time for my next Java project, I will definitely check it out. I believe this is the most commonly used 2D game library on Java these days. Additionally it supports fonts, sound, input and image loading.

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There is also support for spritesheets, tilemaps and 2D collision detection, all very common requirements in creating a 2D game. The tutorials even walk you through creating a complete game. A very clean and beginner friendly library. This library handles not only graphics, but sound, file handling, logging and input. You can also create Android apps with very minimal code changes.

Like slick it uses lwjgl, as well as jogl behind the scenes. The design seems remarkably clean, but the documentation is a bit lacking. This can provide you with low level access to all your graphic and audio needs. A tutorial for getting started is available here. Jogamp is completely up to date with the latest OpenGL implementation and is the underlying technology in many higher level Java graphics libraries. Additionally it supports game controllers like gamepads and steering wheels. It has been used to make a number of games and is the underlying technology powering the jMonkeyEngine.

What does that mean? Well instead of accomplishing one task, it accomplishes all the various tasks you need to create a game and as just mentioned, uses the lwjgl library to do it. So in addition to graphics and sound, it provides a full scene graph, mesh and graphics importing methods, a GUI, networking library and much more. If you are planning to work on a 3D game on Java, start here.

Ok, first step is to download and install the Java tools. Now download and start reading Thinking in Java , giving silent thanks to Bruce Eckel for his generosity. Once you grasp the language basics, download and install Slick. Run through the "Spiegel" tutorial. At this point, you should probably be capable of creating your own 2D games. If you are interested in 3D programming, consider checking out the jMonkeyEngine. Finally, go out and get Effective Java and read it, twice. It will make you a better Java programmer.

Alright, this section is totally getting the shaft. First, you need to download and install Python itself. Now, picking an IDE out for Python is a right confusing task. That said, I am not really comfortable recommending that to a new developer. Komodo edit is perhaps as good a free choice as any to start with, but it does not support integrated debugging. Now that the messy business of choosing an IDE is all over with things get much easier.

There is one dominant 2D game library and that is the PyGame which may just be the most new user friendly game library available. Tutorial support is quite good, as is the documentation. Python really handles everything you could need to create a 2D game, graphics, sound, controls, fonts, etc….

Stupid name aside, this is a powerful engine that has been used to create commercial games.

C and C++ Game Programming Tutorials

Again, like PyGame, it handles everything you could possibly need to create a full 3D game. It has been used in a number of shipping, high quality games and will continue to be used as such. This is a list of suggested projects for a new developer interested in games, in fully my opinion order of difficulty.

I am always open to new suggestions here, so send them in! Also, if you want to share the results of your efforts, let me know and I will make that available too! If you are looking at getting into 3D development check this list of 3D engines to get started. If you are struggling with the art side of the equation, be sure to check out A programmer's guide to creating art for your game. Follow gamefromscratch. I want to be a game developer August Those questions?

For those of you that like skipping ahead to the last page in a novel, these links are for you!

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I still remember it to this day: Should I use an engine or create my own? What libraries and tools should I use? What are my language choices? Learning difficulty: They have other more advanced lessons as well. The tutorials section is a good place to start. Allegro This is the library and Fastgraf I started out using many many many years ago. Ogre 3D Ogre3D sits in a weird spot. Box2D A physics engine for 2D games. Free, powerful and quite a bit easier than working in 3D.

Still too many choices, tell me exactly what to do! Now start making more complex games, or using or creating a game engine. Congratulations, if you got to this point, you are now a game programmer! C is the language for me! C Essentials A free e-book, covers the basics of C pretty well. Gang of Four Design Patterns Truth is, this site is probably not going to make a lick of sense for you starting out, but bookmark it and come back every once in a while. Recommended books Not free. Headfirst C 2nd edition This one is a bit different, as the name implies, it just sorta jumps in and documents as it goes.

C 4 In A Nutshell I just love this series of books. For more details check it out. NET Box2D physics library, for. A pretty impressive 2D only physics library. Congrats, you are now a game programmer! Java is the language for me! IBM Tutorials IBM also has a huge list of Java tutorials available, running the gamut of subjects, some of which would really surprise you coming from big blue!

Head First Java This book is an easy read, incredibly easy. Netbeans In that special sort of way that Java has of making things confusing as hell, Netbeans is both the name of an IDE and the name of a platform for developing Swing applications. LibGDX This library handles not only graphics, but sound, file handling, logging and input. Next up, go ahead and get NetBeans and install it. Run through the first few chapters, do the examples and learn the basics of the language. Python is the language for me! So, instead I am going to give a number of links that will be of use.

Now what? I believe the best way to understand them is to use them in their original old-fashioned form. So what is a pointer? Controlling game memory with pointers. Be sure to complete all the related SFML game projects. If this is what you want then bare with me the tutorials to get started and make games will start arriving over the next few weeks.

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If you are unsure what type of games you want to make or which platform Android, iPhone, PC etc… then this article Making games: Where do I start might help. If you want to follow along with the game related examples and projects on this site you will need to do a little bit more preparation and use SFML in conjunction with Visual Studio. Hope this helps. This definitely helps thank you. I am going to be making Pong and this is what I needed to get started. Thanks again bunches. Hi Abby, it depends what games you want to make.

If you are not sure where to start try this article. Good luck. Hope you get started soon. Could you help me? I want to learn to code pc games mostly 3d based but i dont know how to start or which language i tried kava but it is too hard so maybe even an easy one? Arguably the easiest way to get started with 3D games is Unity. This would involve learning C. If you want to consider all yuor options, take alook at Making video games, where do I start? Game coding for beginners. Tutorials on essential topics like game math, AI and physics. Tutorials on game design are on their way.

Beginner c tutorials that will get you started making games with Unity.

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Android Projects Android Studio game projects from beginner to intermediate. SFML projects from basic to complete games. Unity game projects from beginner to full games. Projects for getting started with Unreal Engine. Projects for GameMaker Studio: Getting started to complete games. Skill level 1 Time to read: Related Posts. Maria Ysabelle October 31, at 5: How to get started? John Horton October 31, at 9: Thanks for your comment.

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