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You may choose to manage your Sims so they experience the rewards of a life well lived.

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Of course, you may also choose to neglect their needs, indulge in their fears, and see what happens… The possibilities are endless! Our Customer Support team is happy and eager to help.

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Your feedback helps us make better games. In order to run the game with satisfactory performance, your Mac must meet these minimum system requirements: Radeon HD ; NVidia: GeForce Intel: All Rights Reserved. Published and distributed by Aspyr Media, Inc. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. After a while, some tasks become more of a burden or a chore rather than a fun experience, such as keeping vampire Sims alive.

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Yes, I have tried everything, and no, nothing seems to work. I was also dissapointed that there was no story mode as well.

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Story mode was a very fun asset of the individual games, and I was hoping that would be added. Overall, this game has left a bad taste in my mouth, as do most games on my Mac, my advice? Happy 10th! Don't let that stop you. Visually, it still holds up, and the gameplay is as addicting now as it was then. Plus, you get all the stuff! In case you're not familiar with the series, check out GameSpot's Sims 2 review.

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As noted on Origin's help page read the instructions! Beyond that, no strings attached -- the game is yours to keep forever. What's not to like? Bonus deal: Be sure to click Check Store Availability before you get in the car, just to make sure your local 'Max has stock left.

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Then opt for in-store pickup. That's an insanely low price for such a capacious drive.

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  6. The drive appears to be sold out at this price, or was a pricing error to begin with. Bonus deal No. Like contests? Of course you do!

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    Hmmm, wonder what they could be! Just complete a short and amusing "tech personality" quiz and, boom, you're entered. And remember: