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Help… How can I change the default screenshot name, to whatever I have written on Preview search tool at the time of the screenshot. As a function on terminal or as a script. Thanks in advance.

How to Change Mojave’s Default Screenshot Location

When I take a screenshot on my Mac, I am wanting to be prompted to assign a custom filename for that screenshot right there and then. I currently have 50 or so screenshots that I have taken from a course I am taking on Lynda. Is there a hack or code that can be written so that each time a screenshot is taken a prompt box is displayed asking me to rename the screenshot? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Automatically Name Your Screenshots Something More Useful [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac

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Removing the Time Stamp From Screenshot File Names on a Mac

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Where Do Screenshots Go On Mac?

Next story. Should the Police Be Involved in the Web? How to Supercharge Apple Reminders with Goodtask. I mention in the video that, by default, Mac OS X saves screenshots to the desktop, using the name format Screen Shot followed by the date and time.

Bringing Back the Time Stamp in Screenshot File Names

If you don't like this location or name, the free utility Savescreenie lets you choose where screenshots are saved, the base name the part before the date and time, which is always added , and even the image format. For even more control, check out Sharpshooter , which lets you choose the name, location, and format of each screenshot as the screenshot is taken.

Sharpshooter also gives you an on-the-fly preview of the actual image, letting you delete it immediately if it didn't quite capture what you wanted. To subscribe to the Macworld Video stream via iTunes, click here.

Subscribe to that channels and you will be notified whenever we post a new video. Or just point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader to: Mac OS X offers a number of useful options for taking screenshots—images of your screen, or parts of it—that you can use for how-to guides, for sharing with others, or even for sending to tech support.

Here's a quick look at those options, including some tricks for getting the best screenshots. The simplest screenshot option is to snap an image of your entire screen. The resulting image is saved, one for each connected display, to your desktop with the name Screen Shot , followed by the date and time. Your cursor changes to a marquee for selecting an area of the screen to capture, with the dimensions of the selected area appearing next to the marquee.

Release the cursor button to take the shot.

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