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While I really do appreciate the time you spent comparing the different types of word recognition and I can see the benefits of both, I am really surprised that you, as a writer, would not take the time to grammar or spell-check your work. Say basic stuff like, pause, play, etc. Thanks for your reviews! How is it with Yosemite, has Dictate improved? Yes has improved very much with accuracy.

It seems pretty much on par with Siri and it seems more accurate than Dragon out of the box. But there is still no correction.

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So although it is better, it cannot learn by you telling it to correct your mistakes. I have used dragon dictate for many years and found it to be really good. However, after upgrading to Mojave it no longer works in many applications, and when I tried to remedy this I found that they have decided to discontinue Dragon Dictate for mac.

To say i am annoyed is an understatement. They had to have known it was about to be discontinued and still took my money. Alas, for any serious typing tasks the mac built-in in dictation is absolutely useless, massively annoying in the way it can not decide when to start new sentences random capitalizations etc. Beyond simply commands it is utter pants. If there are alternatives to Dragon now that it has been pulled I am desperate to know about it. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

You can subscribe to Macintosh How To and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now, users will be able to buy 'https: Dragon Medical for Mac was also discontinued 'http: Article Link: The built-in Siri on macOS is pretty good for speech to text and the built in reader on macOS can convert any highlighted text to speech.

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Anonymous form close x. Nuance this week announced that it is discontinuing Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, effective two days ago on Monday, October 22, Dragon Medical for Mac was also discontinued back in August. Nuance , Dragon. Top Rated Comments View all.

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AJ Mac This is ridiculous. They took a great program from the Mac world, MacSpeech, and destroyed it.

Support was always terrible and software prices were expensive. They are a monopoly and now we are left without a viable dictation software program for the Mac platform. Time for Apple or someone else to step in. Nuance were one of the worst companies on Mac. Their software was extremely poor compared to Windows. Furthermore they pissed off a lot of people following Lion or Mountain Lion, I forget which.

Their Dragon Dictate software was available but not supported on the latest OS. They continued to sell it for about 4 months whilst the latest OS was out, then released a brand new version with compatibility on the latest OS and said the previous version wasn't compatible with it. I was gobsmacked. Luckily I've since left that role but the pain remains.

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Swype was such an awesome keyboard when it first released then Nuance bought it and destroyed it. One of my team is Hong Kong Chinese - when he first introduced himself to the 65 students in the room who were from all over the world, he said his name was Bernard and he liked cooking - what they and I heard was that he too like cocaine!!

I had to quickly jump in and explain!! You can dictate without being connected to the Internet.

Mountain Lion Dictation versus Dragon Dictate | Macworld

Your words might convert to text more quickly. If the Slow Keys or Sticky Keys feature is turned on in the Accessibility pane of System Preferences, the default keyboard shortcuts for dictation might not work.

If you need to use those accessibility features, create a custom dictation shortcut: Published Date: Mon Feb 04 Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is