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Best Mac System Monitoring Apps

Extensive memory stats covering usage, history, memory pressure, compressed memory, swap, and a list of the apps using the most memory. See used space, free space, and disk activity in your menubar. Fan speeds can be controlled, and even switched based on temperatures, active GPU and battery state. Highly customisable menubar clocks, calendar with upcoming events, world clocks with detailed sun and moon info.

What's in a Mac admin’s toolbox?

Download iStat Menus now and use it for a couple of weeks before making up your mind. Apps Articles Help Contact.

iStat Menus

Buy or Upgrade. If you would like to assist us translating mac system monitor, your help is greatly appreciated.

Just reach us on Twitter or drop a line at support imagetasks. Download for iOS. It includes notification center widget and a dashboard in application.


Simply slide out Notification Center to keep an eye on your memory, storage, battery usage and network activity. Mac version provides full battery capacity and cycles information including depreciation. No personal data is being used or logged.

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Plus, it monitors, in real time, incoming and outgoing traffic in speed and data Your Mac has plenty of built-in sensors which monitor temperature, fans, and other functions. Think of iStatistica as the modern dashboard of system functionality that Apple forgot about including in OS X long ago.

System Monitor: Tom's Mac Software Pick

Try iStatistica free for 3 days. To get a free trial of iStatistica for your Mac click Download. Trial version includes all functionality, supports iStatistica Sensors plug-in for temperature and fan speed monitoring. Sensors Plug-in helps iStatistica being most advanced system monitor on the App Store. Download Plug-in.

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