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It had a Geekbench score of In conclusion, if you want a simple portable machine for writing and browsing the Web, the iBook G3 is a great little machine. It is a great alternative to a Hackintosh netbook. Other G3s also cope well in this Intel age, as long as they are used for light tasks.

The G3 and Tiger are still great together, but how long this lasts only time will tell. With software makers slowly moving towards Leopard as a minimum requirement, the writing really is on the wall for Tiger. But as Dan Knight points out in Firefox 3. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media.

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Welcome Image and Text. Pismo The iBook range is the lower consumer-aimed range and always trails behind the PowerBook range, which was aimed at businesses and the corporate market. Like what you have read? Admittedly I am not an expert in this area, but this is the conclusion I have come to based on a lot of reading.


Can I install Mac OS X on a PowerBook G3 or how can I update iTunes?

It appears that a total lack of G3 support would be a much more complicated barrier than the previous hurdles XPostFacto has dealt with. The support for G3s needs to come directly from Apple or it will probably be pointless to even try adding it on afterward. Just my 2 cents, of course. You should know all this technical stuff as well as I do, since I picked up most of it from your site.

Again, thanks so much for having one of the most useful Mac sites on the net.

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I am taking this time to write to you in depth on this issue because you are a widely heard voice in the Mac community. Because of that the things you say have more visibility than most, and could have a real impact on the course Apple finally chooses with Leopard.

Please help us all by being a little more positive about the necessity for Apple to continue supporting all G3 Macs. Please reread my comments. In fact, I support it. Apple has been dropping support for some older Macs as OS X progresses. It would be consistent with past releases if Apple supported all hardware up to four years old and some hardware up to six years old.

There are different ways Apple could decide to make the cutoff. They could do it strictly on clock speed, the amount of video memory, a certain graphics processor, presence of FireWire ports as with Tiger , a minimum screen size probably ruling out the clamshell iBooks , etc. For the most part, we think Our advice to choose a Mac mini over a Power Mac G4 was specifically for someone involved in video work.

As always, the key is finding your balance point: How much CPU horsepower, how much memory, how big and fast a hard drive, how powerful a graphics processor, how much internal expandability, and what OS features do you need? But we have no input with regards to where Apple will make the cutoff for Leopard.

imac g3 running leopard

Any reasonable person would agree. Nobody expects Apple to officially on paper support ancient machines. Having such an arbitrary cutoff point so close to the end point of the G3 range makes very little sense for Apple. It would be a lot easier for them to simply leave all G3s behind. Promoting this cutoff point is thus an overall negative argument, I feel. Clamshell iBooks and other x machines are already useless for certain applications like iLife, which require x Therefore I submit that this is yet another arbitrary cutoff point that should have nothing to do with your reasoning.

This also applies to your additionally arbitrary cutoff of machines with AGP. One of the reasons I can be so enthusiastic about promoting Apple as a computing alternative is the longevity of their machines, and not just hardware-wise.

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My confidence in pushing someone to make the usually sizable investment required to switch to the Mac platform would be seriously shaken if Apple took such a stand. Without the capacity to run at least Being able to run the exact same OS and software on every Mac not only vastly reduces administration headaches ARD3 already requires This is unbelievably useful for any Mac network from two computers to 2, computers. I think that was kind of the point of having a Family Pack.

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As I pointed out before, most server processes focus on moving data around. Mail, iCal, wiki, contacts, and many other functions are all basically text file manipulation and require very little processor power unless you have quite a large number of users hundreds and up. Obviously any organization with a large enough user base to strain a server will have the cash for getting a better machine. As the Web evolves, those frozen older versions of Safari are getting further behind. One key idea at Low End Mac is that no Mac should ever be less capable than when you bought it, and future versions of the Mac OS will usually add new capabilities with some added overhead.

Commendable, but the selling point for me is that new versions of Mac OS X have always added new capabilities, and most of the time also reduced overhead. This is the attitude that I disagree with.

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What is best for the job depends entirely on the user. If that is your main viewpoint, it might be good if you made that more clear. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I'm just asking why cannot I use wifi in mountain lion OS X. On Jaguar it was fine. Posted on Mar 20, 9: Page content loaded. Mar 20, 9: Jaguar is The highest any PPC Mac like yours can run is Some people got G3s to run Tiger Anyway, as stated, Mountain Lion is impossible. Oh gosh, this is ancient history. There was some third party utility that was needed to get Tiger and Leopard to work on G3s.

I am forgetting its name. Mar 21, 4: