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At the bottom of the list there will be an option to Open Preset Library which will give you access to another sub-menu displaying all of the current preset libraries you have installed on your system and at the bottom of that list an option for Other Library Select Other Library and a file browser window will open. By default it will open Illustrator's default presets folder. But your preset isn't going to be here, because if it was in this folder it would already be installed! So use the file browser to locate the preset file you want to install where it is actually located.

When you have located the preset file, click Open.

How to Install and Use Illustrator Brushes ~ Creative Market Blog

Illustrator will bring up the presets you have just installed in a new separate window. Each time you use a preset it will also be added to the main preset window. For example if you install and use a new pattern swatch it will be added to the 'Swatches' window. If you want your presets to stick around a bit longer, there is an option to make the panel 'Persistent' which means that it will still be there after you close and reopen Illustrator or create a new document. However it should be noted that this is not the same as doing a full install which I will explain in the next step.

The Full Install Method As explained in the previous method, presets installed using Illustrator's UI are only linked to the current document you have open and are not available globally for all documents unless you tick persistent. However, if you do want to install global presets for Illustrator it is possible and very easy to do once you know how.

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Locate the main Adobe Illustrator app folder on your computer then open the 'Presets' folder inside. On macOS: Open this folder and you will see directories for all of the types of preset that can be installed.

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Open the folder which relates to the type of preset you are installing. For example, to install a pattern swatch library open the Swatches folder. Inside this folder, create a new folder called 'Custom' and place your preset library file s inside this folder. Head back to Illustrator and open a document, locate the window for the type of preset you have installed and click the icon in the top right corner to bring up the preset list.

You should now see a folder called 'Custom' with your custom preset s inside. To get your brushes to load on this list, you just need to save them in a certain location on your computer.

How to Install & Use Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

Find this location: Add a number at the front of the file name if you want them to load at the top of the list since they are listed alphabetically. Your brushes will then always show up at the top of the Load Brush Library list making them easy and convenient to grab for all of your fashion drawings.

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Search Tutorials Only Search. Transferring Brushes Between Files If you have some brushes that you want to transfer between files, the quick and dirty method is via copy and paste. Questions or tutorial ideas? Put them below in the comments! Change the weight of the stroke to 5 pts. Outline the stroke of your line and square. Create a pattern swatch in order to create to pattern brush.

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Go to your swatches panel, click on the upper right corner tab or the panel menu and then switch the view to small list view. Next, select the line and drag it to your swatches panel carefully, making sure you don't accidentally delete it. Following the same method as the line, drag the square to your swatches panel.

How to Install Procreate Brushes on Your Mac, PC, and iPad

Create a new pattern brush. Go to your brushes tab and click once more on the panel menu. Follow this pattern: After clicking okay, a dialog box will appear called Pattern Brush Options. Scan through them to see your swatches and what you could use. Edit the pattern brush by clicking the first square tile and selecting your line swatch. Next, click the second tile and select the small square swatch. Make your pattern brush a stretch to fit brush by choosing the stretch to fit option.

You now have a newly created pattern brush.

The next thing you need to do is create a 3x4 inches rectangle using the rectangle tool and apply the pattern brush. To apply the brush select the rectangle and click on the pattern brush.