Java on mac os x 10.4

Jan Tue 24th 8: Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Guest Guest. There are the five Java plugins in my machine's Internet Plug-Ins folder in the hard drive's Library folder. I have no problems with Java or JavaScript, and the test site works correctly. Applet Plugin Enabler no version number Java Applet. I think Tiger took care of it. There is also an Internet Plug-ins folder in your home folder's Library folder.

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Mine is empty. Check to make sure there are no duplicate plug-ins in either of your folders that may be conflicting. But there are eight items listed in a search for "runtime" without the quotes one of them being a folder named RuntimeError. Do the sites work with Safari?

Apple updates Java for 10.4, 10.5 users

Oct Thu 21st 4: Something screwed up with the login. I'll copy and paste what I previously said 'If I followed correctly, then this what I got when I put that in -rw 1 root al 99 Jun 8 I don't know what user is executing this file, but I'm willing to bet that it's the 'al' user. To fix this, you need to change the ownership of the file. This is achieved using the chown command line utility.

Apple says no Java for you, removes plugin from browsers on OS X 10.7 and up

However, because the owner of the file is the root user, the chown utility must be executed by the the root user. To do this, you would typically become the root user using the su utility like so: I took a guess that there is a user named al and a group named al. You may need to adjust this to match your user and group. Once the.

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  • I wish I were a bit more savvy at this to maybe be a bit more helpful, lol There's a user named al, but as for group I wouldn't have any idea I would assume so as it being the main user for the computer Whatever you did there however didn't seem to do anything in terminal, unless I was supposed to do something else? Hi Bruce, it's me FishOfate. I downloaded and installed Java Developer 1. But my RS crashes all the time after long hours of playing.

    But that is my only fix because soylatte doesn't work for me. Thanks for your help and comments. Fish De Caelcum, I'm happy to hear that you found a solution. I'm sorry that RuneScape crashes a lot, you should contact the company to let them know this and to possibly figure out why. Best of luck.

    Java Update for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

    I'm also not sure why you got the syntax error near unexpected token ';' message. What I actually wanted you to do is copy the results of the ls command and paste them in a comment here so that I could see them. Hm, this? Alright, this is what I got for that command: Trash -rw 1 al al Dec 29 What you need to do is make al the owner using the chown command. Because root is the current owner of the file, you will first need to become root so that you can use the chown command to change ownership of the file: Once you succeed in doing this, you will need to quit the Terminal app and start it up again.

    How do I manage that? With that command? When I put in the su - root, it brings up the 'Password: Sorry' Am I supposed to do something else? Sorry to be so bothersome, it is quite frustrating. It won't show progress as you type. Just hit the return key after you enter the root user's password. If you don't know the root user's password, you may be able to execute the chown command like this: This will allow your user to execute the chown command as the root user.

    It won't show progress as you enter the password either. Just hit the return key after you enter your user's password. Great, that seemed to work, whatever it was supposed to do, lol I no longer get the permission is denied thing when I open up terminal - Nothing else has seemed to change, to me perhaps, when I did the ls command dalems: Trash -rw 1 al al Jan 2 By changing the ownership of the.

    Hm, well I went back and looked, and echoed the path and this is what I get for path and java home dalems: And I did close the terminal before trying the java version command Thanks for all the help so far. From the text edit thing? It's the same as I've noticed as two before, but still unsure about what to do about it afterwards as when I type in the 'export' command and whatnot it goes to the next line in terminal doing seemingly nothing to alter anything Anyways, this is what's in the.

    You have the path to the SoyLatte JVM before anything else, so that should be picked up but for some reason it's not. Please run the which command to show the java binary that is being found and executed in your environment: Double check that path to make sure it's correct. Yup, it says there's no such file or directory Argh, it feels like it's on the edge of success! Just get that path correct, restart the Terminal, run your test again and you should be OK. Well, I guess the problem now is that I don't know how to get the correct path, lol - Any ideas?

    The video that was up seems to have been taken down so I've nothing really to go on except memory Just use Spotlight cmd-space to search your Mac for the word 'soylatte' without the quotes. Is it in the Downloads directory just like the video demonstrated? I unzipped it on the desktop I wish I could just reach out and fix it for you because it would probably take me about five minutes.

    I'm guessing that the problem now is that the PATH has been defined incorrectly. What you need to do is edit the. To do this, follow these steps: This will allow you to see files whose names begin with a dot. As long as the PATH has been fixed, you should be able to continue where you left off. Sorry Bruce, A slight mistake on my behalf! I remember you saying that 'soylatte But two lines down from the 1.

    I do believe that's me!

    Java Update for Mac OS X 10.4

    I deleted the 1. Any ideas? Peter Tron, When you open the terminal, run the following command and let's see which Java binary is being found: Sorry Bruce, I tried that and got this: Peter Tron, Do not type the dollar sign. The dollar sign is the prompt in the terminal. Only type in the two words: Ah, at least this gives you an inkling as to what level I'm at!

    OK, this time I got a result: Hi Bruce, you still there?

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    • Sorry, I understand if you're busy. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. OK, it's finding the standard Java VM. Back to your original comment -- what I see two lines down from the 1. Please note that it is a beta release which means that it is not an official release and could have many bugs in it. Regardless of which version you use, you will need to edit the PATH environment variable and add the fully path to the Java binary file. This is explained in the video that I linked to in the blog post. Here is the URL to the video again: Installing the JDK 1.

      I typed: This is the response I received: Open opens files from a shell. By default, opens each file using the default application for that file. Peter Tron, The problem is one of the characters in your path to the. Below is the correct path: Aha, I was having trouble with the resolution of the video. A result, of sorts: So, after reading some of your responses in the previous comments, it appears I need to create a. I realize to save a doc.

      Where shall I save it to? I really don't understand anything When you open your bin in the video file you get some kind of Matrix pop up, but I don't seem to have that. Can't get past that point. Could you please help, I'm very sorry for being so dumb, but I really need 1. Kind regards!

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      Michael V. That Matrix pop-up is a customized look for Terminal - a utility you'll find in the Utilities folder in your Applications - not something in the bin folder. Your Terminal will likely be a blank white slate with a command prompt at the top. Be careful messing around with it because you could damage a great deal more than your Java settings with this tool.

      Arduino IDE 1.0.6 (1.06) on MacOS X 10.4 "Tiger"

      By the way Bruce Snyder this post and all the comments have been incredibly helpful. They haven't solved my problem, but they've helped me understand it much better. I'm grateful for your patience and clear instructions. Hello Bruce, Thanks for helping so many people I'm not sure why soylatte doesn't include better instructions.

      Anyway, I am having trouble with this on os x I added soylatte to the PATH in. I found this post about the error, but I'm not savvy enough to apply the advice to soylatte. Any help would be appreciated, Jarrod. Forgot to include that link! I just downloaded, expanded and ran Java 1.

      Java for Mac OS X Release 5 available - CNET

      Unfortunately Robert's blog is no longer available, but I did find his video still available on Vimeo: Here's a blurb about the project from the website: SoyLatte is initially focused on supporting Java 6 development; however, the long-term view far more captivating: There's even work going on to integrate with an Aqua look and feel library named Quaqua which looks pretty interesting. Additionally, at the bottom of the page, the author some cool dude named Landon Fuller indicates: I hope to contribute this work to OpenJDK as soon as is feasible.

      I'll have to check it out while I'm in SF that week. Thanks, Landon! Posted by Bruce Snyder at 8: Robert Dempsey 14 March, Chris 17 August, Bruce Snyder 31 October, Leandra Fatorelli 11 July, Bruce Snyder 11 July, Kiran 01 October, Bruce Snyder 01 October, TheBisonKid Gaming 30 December, Bruce Snyder 30 December, TheBisonKid Gaming 31 December, Bruce Snyder 31 December, KK 01 October, KK 02 October, Bruce Snyder 02 October, KK 03 October, Bruce Snyder 03 October, Bruce Snyder 15 October, Charles 31 October, Bruce Snyder 01 November, Charles 02 November, Bruce Snyder 03 November, Charles 06 November, Bruce Snyder 07 November, Ricardo 15 March, Bruce Snyder 15 March, Bruce Snyder 13 June, Bruce Snyder 14 June, Bruce Snyder 16 June, Bruce Snyder 17 June, Bruce Snyder 19 June, Bruce Snyder 19 July, Bruce Snyder 15 August, Bruce Snyder 16 August, Kiai Kim 17 August, Bruce Snyder 18 August, Anonymous 28 August, Bruce Snyder 28 August, Anonymous 30 August, Bruce Snyder 30 August, Joe 08 September, Bruce Snyder 08 September, Tyler 19 October, Bruce Snyder 19 October, Fish Of Fate 08 November, Bruce Snyder 08 November, Fish Of Fate 09 November, Bruce Snyder 09 November, Fish Of Fate 10 November, Bruce Snyder 10 November, Bruce Snyder 04 December, Fish De Caelcum 10 December, Bruce Snyder 12 December, Bruce Snyder 23 December, Bruce Snyder 28 December, Bruce Snyder 02 January, Bruce Snyder 03 January, Bruce Snyder 06 January, Peter Tron 05 February, Bruce Snyder 05 February, Peter Tron 06 February, Bruce Snyder 06 February, Peter Tron 09 February, Bruce Snyder 09 February, Peter Tron 10 February, Bruce Snyder 10 February, Benjo 17 October, Anonymous 02 December, Bruce Snyder 02 December, Newer Post Older Post Home.

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