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You are a bloody legend Ross MacKillop. I had to do the whole workaround here inc.. It worked.

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A thousand times thank you Ross.. Hello I too was unable to find iPhoto in my purchase list or updates. Mr Ross you are a lifesaver!!! Million thanks for my successful reinstallation of iPhoto after the mess of Yosemite Photos.

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Can somebody help me? Im lost, and all my photos from the past 3 years is gone: Updated from Mavericks to Yosemite the Photos version and I seem to not be able to get it back at all. Please help!!! Eerrr… SOS.

This item is temporarily unavailable when updating apps

I can open the other apps, though….. What does this mean? And what can I do? I updated from snow leopard to yosemite so is iphoto may be too old? I was in the OSX store, checked both itunes accounts, but my iphoto is iphoto 8, I think I have it from an iLife disc maybe, or it was with Leopard. My iWork apps updated no problem though. My frustration level with Apple over the past two years is growing.

Do I have any chance to recover it. It was originally installed in my MAC Book. I have two 70 GB libraries one for Photo and on a called iPhoto migrated. Ross you are a dream, what a nightmare, your iphoto fix worked- who was the smart apple developer who thought photos could replace iphoto? Do you have a solution to get my Dropbox to work in yosemite? Thank you. Dropbox should work on Yosemite no problem. Which version of Dropbox do you have installed? Now what? Absolute genius! I am so happy to get iPhoto back. Now I can work properly with my images again.

Thank you!! I rely on events, and I have a lot of them, so having them down the side panel on Photos is ridiculous. I am now worried that one day iPhotos will stop working for good. Please noooo! It now has Mavericks Any ideas? Things are back to normal and I cannot thank you enough. Is there anything else I can do to make it work? I installed from a disk iWork and ilife.

Thank you so much! Your iPhoto fix worked for me and was more than the Apple Genius Bar could manage. How does the fix work? It really is genius! I got iPhoto installed on my iMac running Yosemite. All my photos showed up. But today for the first time I tried to upload some new stuff from my camera, and it opened Photos for the upload. I canceled it. Is there a way to upload new photos into iPhoto? Any thoughts? Actually, I think the missing photos never got transferred, since they are not in Photos either.

Please help me if you can: First thing to try was IPhoto app. It launched perfectly. Tried to install iPhoto. I can see both the iPhoto fix icon and my icon but cannot click on either. The screen is frozen. I followed the advice in setting up another account but it did not show up in the App Store. Then I was able to run iPhoto with the exec. Is there any way to get all my photos back? Any hell would be greatly appreciated. I had to trash my old iPhoto install as per the top comment, but all looks good now….

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Is there something I should be or should not be doing because this is not working for me. Are there any other legitimate sites that might have the iPhoto update 9. Have you tried: I did as suggested and, after holding my breath long enough, it worked! I am amazed that someone could figure out a workaround, as you did; and it points to an incredible callousness on the management of Apple to initiate a change as radical as this that, for me, has confused things and dumded them down. Thanks again! Just a guess. They really want to force everybody to Photos.

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  • My guess is they think they will get a stream of income from everybody paying for more cloud storage. My wife had a meltdown earlier this week when I upgraded to El Capitan and she lost years of photo organization. Your fix was easy and we have IPhoto back and now have a chance to migrate the organization to an app Apple will support. Again, thanks so much — you saved me hours and my wife much heartache. From what I read elsewhere, Apple no longer has iPhoto available in the apps tore at all. I read elsewhere that this is because Apple has now removed it from the App Store.

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    I presume that is to force all those who want to continue with iPhoto to move over to Photo. In my case, I have never specifically purchased or updated for free iPhoto. Hello, I have an old iMac with iPhoto. I want to migrate the photo library to my newer iMac with Yosemite.

    How To Install iPhoto in Yosemite or El Capitan (OS X 10.10 & 10.11)

    Although I copied the iPhoto library, it cannot be imported to Photo. Also, I cannot get iPhoto in the App Store like others at least to get that installed. So, my problem is different from others. I am willing to use Photo but I cannot import all my photos to it from the iPhoto Library. Please help. I am very disappointed with Apple about this. How many hours should their customers have wasted and frustrated. I updated and lost all the videos i took on an overseas trip with my boyfriend which i was compiling to make a video with and was so upset with the whole thing. Followed your instructions step-by-step and i got them back!

    I upgraded my Snow Leopard to El Capitan. And miss iphoto. Then install ilife again and imovie and garageband works well now. However iPhoto could not been updated. Says This update is not available.. I tried your constructions but it warns again. What I should do: Will it be OK to just type in a password. My iPhoto will open briefly then close with a message saying iPhoto quit unexpectedly. I currently have El Capitan OS. I followed the instructions and still do not see iPhoto in the purchased selection under my new sign in.

    What could I be doing wrong? I notice in my purchased the other update other than the El Capitan is Lion…could this be the reason? I appreciate any help…I cannot get to any of my photos. Just upgraded to El Capitan from Mountain Lion. Was prompted to allow Library Upgrade with a warning that once updated the Library would not work with earlier versions of iPhoto. And I click it and nothing happens?? Hi, and thanks.

    However it is only partially functional. Make sure this is the only folder you do this to, though: Deleting files outside of this directory could have disastrous results. Today in Apple history: Mac creator complains about Steve Jobs. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari.

    Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals]. I waited untill the official release came out and followed the following steps to completely erase my disk and reinstall OS X:. OS X Mavericks: Erase and reinstall OS X http: Reinstall OS X http: Now when I login to my Apple ID during the installation process the following error occurs and the installation can't go further:. Posted on Oct 25, 6: Dec 17, 1: I had a similar issue on a used macbook air that I purchased and was attempting to reinstall the OS X from the partition. The issue was the partition was referencing a BETA version of yosemite that could not be downloaded any longer.

    You may have the same issue. The solution is an internet recovery process. This should take you to a screen with a spinning globe and it will start this internet recovery process.

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    My understanding is it downloads the original partition recovery file for your specific machine. In my instance it downloaded mountain lion. It will not ask for any sign in with your apple ID. It will simply install the original OS X that came with your machine. You will then go through the setup process to establish the mac as your machine or install from backup which ever you choose.

    Once that is done you can do the free upgrade to the latest OS X, in my case yosemite. Hope this helps.