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I purchased the smaller box and was highly disappointed. Unlike the bigger box it comes with this poor substitute of powder cheese instead of the cheese packet. Maisy Jun, 19, Sam G. Sep, 16, Best cheddar flavor! By far the best of any Mac and cheese, I recommend this one over the other cheddar types do to the stronger flavor. Annika Smith Aug, 25, Misty Clayton Jun, 09, Needs more cheese sauce.

Too many noodles and not enough to sauce. Very disappointed. Nadine Nov, 21, Tastier and a lil healthier version I cooked this meal and added to it ,, adding chopped bacon as well as red peppers than extra broiled the top with grated cheese and homemade bread crumbs.. Jo Nov, 08, This is comfort food I don't have to feel guilty about! A potluck crowd pleaser for kids AND adults. Juliet Zulu Oct, 15, I loved this stuff as a little girl and it seems that even after all these years you're still all-natural, I hope I can find this stuff at Aldi's!

Lauren Sep, 27, Awesome flavour! This tastes better than all the other mac and cheese I ever had! The flavour is bold and the pasta has a chewy texture. I stocked up a lot after buying a box. Zahra Jul, 27, I have been trying to find a more "halal" version of mac and cheese that isn't made from animal enzymes and this is definitely it!

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It's so tasty! I use almond milk and Earth Balance butter for the recipe instead of regular butter with regular milk- it was out of this world amazing. Meisy Nov, 14, Kids love it!! My 13 year old son and 15 year old nephew love Annie's Mac and Cheese. I first introduced it to them a couple of years ago to replace the Kraft Mac and Cheese. I thought it would be hard for them to transition to healthier foods but Annie's is a brand that has made it easy. I know that if it's Annie's it will be delicious. Venita Nov, 14, I love this!!

A staple in my home! Everything I find that is Annie's I immediately try it- I know that the quality ingredients and affordable prices will be just as comforting as the food itself. I'm SO glad I found Annie's!! The aged cheddar, my favorite kind, goes great with everything from tuna to peas! Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rating VN: Our Mission. Bring back Classic Mild Cheddar, please. Rating system very dishonest - but new version is so so much worse - bad food -bas business practices. Yummier than ever really was yummier than ever!

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Nutrition Facts. Reviews Where to buy Buy Online. NEW Cheesier, creamier taste Made with real cheese Made with organic pasta 9g protein per serving No artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives Cheese from cows not treated with growth hormone rBST no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non rBST-treated cows We work with trusted suppliers to source only non-GMO ingredients. You may also like RO [1.

Customer Reviews VN: Write a review. L Feb, 01, Even less flavour the KD. Left an after taste. Made with margarine as opposed to butter. Nutrition facts on KD are healthier than nutritional facts on Annie's. Anne Jan, 31, The new version tastes less cheesy, and is very bland. My nine-year-old is devistated Albert Jan, 29, Puzzled So many bad reviews afraid to buy it But brave of you to include these reviews on your site Madi Jan, 25, So upset!! Agree with all the reviews here!

My two toddlers used to LOVEEE the old recipe and the hate the new one so much that its hard to even have them take more than one bite!! Please please bring back the old recipe. Annies was the onlyyyy mac and cheese that has worked for us! Adriana Jan, 24, Tastes like diesel fuel This is my first time eating Annie's and I heard so much good stuff about this mac and cheese but it tastes like diesel fuel. Carrie Jan, 23, The new version is a disappointment, it smells like something is wrong with it, when I tasted it, it had a terrible aftertaste. It does not taste like cheese, it just tastes terrible.

My kids will no longer eat it. I no longer recommend this product. We added a scotch of Tillamook Sharp Cheddar to top it off. When we set out to […]. Kelly Lengyel Jan, 21, The new recipe tasted bitter and artificial. We end up throwing it away. We used to fight over the last bite! Cari Chirco Jan, 19, Yuck, what happened? What happened to your tasty mac and cheese? My 2 year old usually devours her bowl of macaroni, but took one bite of the "new and improved" and wouldn't eat it.

I made another box thinking my husband might have goofed up a measurement of milk or butter, but nope Really disappointed I bought the jumbo pack from Costco too!

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I hope the other varieties haven't been changed. Kaylee Dorman Jan, 18, We want the original back!!! Kelsea Jan, 18, The new recipe is terrible. The cheddar flavor that my kids loved was swapped for an artificial, bitter taste. We will be trying other brands to find something else. Makes me sad! Nikki Tacker Becker Jan, 16, Please go back to the old recipe. Disappointed Customer Jan, 15, I made a batch and sat down ready to watch the TLC channel whilst enjoying the creamy goodness of the mac.

I took the first bite and immedeatly knew something was off as i then sniffed the mac i kept telling myself it wasnt true. I TORE my kitchen looking for the milk i used and the butter and the box only to find it wasnt the milk or the butter that failed me, it was Annie. I slowly turned box over to find their new Yummier than Ever formula and i knew that this was it. I THREW the mac away and walked away knowing that i would never eat the original creamy goodness that once was. I proceeded to sit back down on the couch with some cheez its and basked in their glorious taste because i know that they will never fail me and their cheesy taste will forever be superior to the wretchedness of Annies Yummier than Ever Mac and Cheese.

Maria Jan, 14, Went from 5 to 0 stars! Not sure what the change was, but it is quite awful. My kids and I agree! Please go back to the original. Sophia Price Jan, 12, Bring back the old flavor, please! The new flavor is awful. I used to eat this every week or more , but the new flavor is gross. Bring back the old flavor. Christine Jan, 05, Grosser than ever Throwing it all away, please bring back the old flavor!

Chrissy W. Jan, 05, Please Bring Back Old Recipe Please, when are you going to revert to the old recipe or actually take into consideration all of these reviews here and the countless ones on Facebook? My daughter used to eat the old blue box of mac n cheese several days a week. She won't even touch the new box. At first I thought she was just being picky and trying to annoy us - but it really does taste horrible. Peter Jan, 05, It has been the standard - where even Kraft has tasted bad to him. When the switch to yummier happened, he thought the milk was bad or something else.

No, it was the new recipe. It used to be a comfort food for him and staple. He refuses to eat it and we donated the 8 boxes we had. He doesnt like Kraft much, but says it is better than the yummier. Wont ever eat it again unless the old recipe makes it back. Angelina Jan, 03, No longer yummy. I see I'm not alone in disliking the new "yummier" recipe. It has such an odd taste.

I went back to Kraft mac and cheese, and that's just sad. I truly hope you bring back the old recipe. John Jan, 01, The yummier than ever had an Awful taste that is artificial and chemical. Allison Helberg Dec, 31, Had to go back to blue box: It also made my toddler's hands and face a scary shade of orange after she ate it. I won't buy it anymore. Please don't change the recipe for the white cheddar shells, this are my favorite and I do not like having to go back to Kraft brand: Amy Dec, 31, The new stuff is absolutely horrific!

I think you need some kiddos to taste your products before distrubuition. Why change something that was good? Sheri Barber Dec, 28, Sarah Dec, 26, New recipe not as good Bummed about the flavor after the recipe change. Christine Mason Dec, 19, Please bring back the old recipe. Ashley Dec, 18, Bitter, horrible, yuckier than ever As soon as I took the first bite of the new "Yummier than ever" classic mac and cheese I thought to myself that this tastes horrible.

I immediately started searching my kitchen for the box to make sure it was not expired good til and that the milk was unexpired. I went back to take another bite, as I was second guessing myself, and it was still absolutely disgusting. Bitter, tastes like bad cheese that's been rotting in an old corner of a barn, and just overall YUCKY. So sad as the old version was my families favorite boxed mac and cheese. Emma Dec, 18, This used to be my favorite kind of mac and cheese - I ate it at least once per week. It never tasted chemical-y or artificial, unlike Kraft and other brands I have tried.

However, when I tasted the new "yummier than ever" recipe I couldn't believe it. Annie's Classic is now bitter, the powder is overwhelming and tastes as artificial as Kraft. I am so so disappointed and I will not be buying Annie's Classic Mac and Cheese again unless they return to the old recipe. Please bring it back I am so sad! Sarah Dec, 17, What did they do??? Zero stars. This is horrible. Very not yummy The "yummier" version is almost inedible and has left us looking for a different brand of mac 'n cheese. The new sauce is like bitter cheese sludge.

At first I thought the milk I used might've been sour, but no. It's the cheese sauce. The old recipe was better and had better ingredients. I would give it one star if the rating system would let me. It seems dishonest to artificially inflate your star rating. Sabrina Dec, 10, Please bring back old recipe!!!! The new one tastes bitter and like chemicals. I buy in bulk and have had to use up 40 boxes with this new cheese formula.

It is not a box or two fluke, they all taste bad.

Annie's Macaroni & Cheese

The old recipe was the best macaroni flavor out there! Bring it back please! Sam Bennett Dec, 10, Bring back the old product. Please bring back the old one.

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Please please please bring back the old recipe. Katherine Vitucci Dec, 09, Most Horrible Ever! The cheese sauce clumps into a coagulated mess, it looks unnaturally orange, and it is so bitter! What were you thinking?? Please change it back! Used to love Annie's Dec, 09, Yummier than ever? Lost a family of 5 customers. Will stop buying fruit snacks too.

Bad move, General Mills. Time to fire that decision-maker. New Mac and cheese My kids used to love it till the new recipe. Now they hate it. It has a weird chemical flavor. I wish the old one was still available. Tim Bingham Dec, 07, So disappointed that a great product was changed for the worse! Michael Dec, 06, This product wont make it Terrible. This tastes like Kraft now or more accurately chemicals.

It also now has that same fake neon orange color like Kraft as well. This had to be to save money. I Annies because it had better ingredients. To put out such a poor quality product makes me question what other products they are cutting corners. Edson Dec, 04, NOT Yummy!! My kids were raised on the old recipe and they will not eat this version. We even named our dog Annie! Sadly, we are looking for a new brand and will have to find a new name for our dog. Izzy Nov, 29, Bring Back the Old Stuff!!

The new recipe tastes so bad. Why did you change it?!?! Susan McGowan Nov, 28, I made 3 boxes of the new "improved" version tonight and threw it all out of us found it too bitter to eat, 1 of us said it was "soapy". Only the youngest could eat his serving.

Annie's Macaroni & Cheese: Calories, Nutrition Analysis & More | Fooducate

Please go back to the old version. Brenden Nov, 27, Do they not have taste buds? Sarah Cherry Nov, 27, Please please please please bring back the original. Signed two kids and one mom who used to buy so much Mac and Cheese and will again if you bring back the Original! Disappointed Nov, 26, It tastes like a mix between baby spit up, melted barbie doll, and expired milk. Truly disappointed in you Annie's. This new recipe should be illegal. Please just switch back to the old recipe. S Nov, 25, We love Annie's mac and cheese.

However, this new recipe tastes bitter, as if it's gone bad. It doesn't smell fresh how it usually smells. We hope the recipe is changed soon!!! Katie Nov, 24, Horrible recipe change! What were they thinking?? The old recipe was WAY better. I usually purchase the variety pack at Costco, but now will have to purchase individually at other grocery stores to avoid the classic mac and cheese flavor.

This is unfortunate. Please bring back the old recipe! Or fill us in on why you felt the flavor needed to be modified Jared Nov, 23, From the smell to the taste, the new recipe is off-putting. My 5 year old told me it tastes like goats and he is spot on in his description. He asked for pepper to be able to eat it. Please go back to what was working great. Reign Nov, 21, I want the old ones back. This stuff is absolute trash!

Never buying this again. Reign Nov, 18, As if. It taste like garbage! Whatever happened to the normal version? They are obsolete. Now we have to suffer with this. This taste awful! Never recommended. Julie Nov, 18, Bring back the old stuff, please! Bring back the old recipe! It tasted way better before. It was perfect before. The new version has a strange bitter taste. Kate Nov, 17, Awful - zero stars!!!! Your regular Mac n cheese is so much better than this NEW taste! Jen Nov, 16, Not good So gross. I thought it was just a bad batch the first time I bought it but was obviously wrong.

We love the white shells! Go back to your old recipe on this one! Autumn Nov, 16, My husband honestly hated the old recipe and my daughter hated Kraft so when trying this one we were weary. Now going to be a staple in our pantry! Love the cheesy creaminess!! Ben Nov, 14, Annie's Mac and Cheese used to be all I wanted to eat but now it is the worst. Its actually really good I actually really love the new recipe. So cheesy!


Mari Nov, 12, There was a great deal at the store so figured I would give it a try, now I can see why it was such a fabulous deal, they wanted to get rid of it. The taste was horrible, sadly Kraft tastes better then this. Will be bringing the rest back to the grocery store as this is not edible. Jenny Nov, 06, My 7 year old, who has never turned her nose up at a bowl of Mac and Cheese before, tried it and said it was definitely not yummier than ever.

Two thumbs down. Michelle Oct, 31, Bitter after taste! Agree with all comments. I just made 2 boxes for my daughters Halloween party for school and tasted this. Good thing I taste tested because this has such a bitter after taste. I went online to see if others had anythingg to say about this Macarand cheese yummier than ever classic cheddar and read exactly how I felt! Had to go out at 9: I could not bring this in for toddlers to eat! Ang Oct, 29, Terrible The new version tastes terrible.

It has a weird after taste. I will not buy again. I hope you bring back the old recipe! Annie's mac and cheese used to be great!! Ashley Oct, 29, Critter Oct, 29, ZERO stars!! This sucks! My rating is ZERO stars. I'm going back to the no name brand mac and cheese. Annie's tastes like chemicals and not even cheese. No way I'm sorry but it seems that every box I have eaten tastes like plastic or something. I tried one box, which was very good.

Now, every box since tastes gross! Makes me want to go back to Kraft Dinner. LB Oct, 28, Like many others I thought I was going a little crazy until I read the reviews. I wondered if I had gotten a gorgonzola flavored mac because it had such a strong, moldy, flavor. Elizabeth Oct, 26, Please return to your old recipe. Gave it two attempts. Not yummy at all. But beware of high amounts of sodium that can be found in even the organic brands. Oct, 25, Yuck Worst taste ever. It has a very bitter, weird after taste.

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Renate Oct, 23, Nothing is yummier about the new recipe Sorry, that your new recipes taste terrible. It has a bitter taste. I had to throw out 2 packages of cooked mac n cheese. Nobody wanted to eat them. I will donate the remainder of the bought packages because nobody will eat them in our house. The older recipes taste a lot better. AshleyChan Oct, 22, Just not the same.

I am disappointed. The original was my favorite out of any boxed Mac and cheese ever! This new one is not the same. Benjamin Bearden Oct, 21, New flavor is Really Bad The new flavor is absolutely terrible. The old flavor was the only mac and cheese my son would eat, now it's nothing - won't be buying again until they bring back the old recipe.

Kelly Oct, 18, Sad It was so much better before. Now it tastes strange, and why is it neon. Rachel Esser Oct, 17, New formula tastes like poison Just purchased two boxes last week. Cooked one last night and we were excited to sit down to eat. My husband and I both thought it tasted funny, kind of metallic.

We thought maybe it was the pan, so we tossed that batch and I made the second box. That also tasted weirdly metallic and chemical-y, so we tossed it. I though we were losing our minds until I came online to read reviews. So disappointing. We used to love Annie's. Kristen O'Connor-Gunn Oct, 17, Yuckeroni aka: Yuckier than ever. Why can't they I give zero stars? New recipe is atrocious. Small mouths do not lie. Well, not about macaroni and cheese. Izzy Oct, 12, So not Yummy The new version is not yummy. It has a weird smell and a weird aftertaste.

Tiffany Oct, 12, The new version leaves a horrible after taste that is almost metallic and chemically. My kids loved the old but not the new. Maryann Oct, 10, Benjamin Horner Oct, 10, Tastes like a chemical spill. Kevin Oct, 08, The original I have had for year was great. Nice and mild tasting. I would scarf the whole box down. Bring old recipe back or give us the choice. Finn Underwood Oct, 08, I can get experimenting with this flavour, but Did you have to remove the original as well?

I cannot stand the taste of this "classic cheddar yummier than ever"; it's far too powerful and off-putting. I much prefer the mild version. A move like this really doesn't reflect well on my view of the Annies Brand as a whole; It's insulting when companies decide they know what's best for their customers. I really don't want to have to fall back to some sub-par brand, but I simply cannot eat this "classic cheddar" option, and all the other flavours Annies offers have never been compatible with me.

Please, bring back the original "Classic Mild Cheddar" variant. The graphics of your rating system seem off; I'm trying to select "One Star" but it shows 1. Similarly, selecting three stars reads as 5 stars. Hopefully, this is just a graphical bug, and I can actually vote one star, rather than being forced into 1. With what Annies has shown of how they treat their customers opinions here, I wouldn't put it past them to artificially inflate the scoring. I used to love you, Annies. Please don't let that love be misplaced.

Amanda Oct, 08, This new "yummier than ever" is beyond nasty. I honestly can't even wrap my head around how this made it onto the shelves. It tastes so gross. Taking my business elsewhere. Cat Oct, 06, This new one tastes like a dairy farm smells. Dan B Oct, 06, We noticed the ingredients changed and not for the better. Please bring back the original version. Dan R. Oct, 03, Melissa Oct, 03, Will Oct, 02, New recipe is terrible - has a bitter taste that I couldn't get out of my mouth. Ended up throwing the entire pot away. Rachel Oct, 01, I didn't realize the recipe had been changed until I started mixing in the cheese and the macaroni turned bright orange, which really bothered me.

The whole family tried it, but it has a weird chemical aftertaste. If I wanted my food to taste like chemicals, I could buy the Kraft mac and cheese for half the price. Christy Oct, 01, The new stuff is awful: I loved the old version. The new stuff is so bad. I'll check the boxes periodically to see if you change it back. Emily Rittammer Oct, 01, J Janes Sep, 30, J Janes It is disgusting - unfortunately. Kim Sep, 29, Please return to old recipe. We deal with sensory issues in my family and your old recipe bunny macaroni was literally one of 5 foods my child would eat.

Now, with the new flavor and texture, he refuses to eat it. Honestly, I tried it myself and it is inedible. I beg you, as a mother of a child with additional needs, please go back to the old recipe so my child will eat pasta once again.