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Whether you love or hate Fleetwood Mac, Rumours is for the most part, undeniably seductive. And there is absolutely no shame in surrendering to its copious charms. Any music snob who thumbs their nose up, is just trying too hard. I totally agree on this. I'm not a Fleetwood Mac fan but there's something special about this album. Although I do quite like the 80s pop of Tango in The Night.

I bought this as a teenager and loved its pop sheen, and now I listen to its over-burnished production and smouldering cheap disco-ball romance, and it makes me feel mildly nauseous. Great review Kevin, but I cannot be drawn back! Many popular rock albums of the 70s are easy pickings in hindsight bc they play to the stereotype of cheesy 70s indulgence and laid back SoCal schlock. Rumours and Hotel California are low hanging fruit for such ridicule, but they still contain some very good songs.

What you say is true Steve, although I have to admit a real disdain for Eagles. Hotel California is heard everywhere here as a staple of summer rock, as if it exemplifies it or something. Haha - I hear you, Rob. It actually was the soundtrack of that summer it was released and will always remind me of the summer when I was Pop is meant to get stuck in your head, which can be a blessing and a curse.

Records with singles that never go away tend to evoke nostalgia for the time when the music soundtracked your life; in this case, you could've never owned a copy of it and still know almost every song. When you make an album this big, your craft is, by default, accessibility. But this wasn't generic pabulum. It was personal. Anyone could find a piece of themselves within these songs of love and loss. Two years prior to recording Rumours , though, Fleetwood Mac was approximately nowhere.

The quartet was then helmed by their fifth and least-dazzling guitarist, the American Bob Welch.


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Not long after the band's British faction had relocated, Welch quit the band. Around the same time Mick Fleetwood was introduced to the work of local duo, Buckingham Nicks, who'd just been dropped by Polydor. The drummer was enchanted by Lindsey Buckingham's guitar work and Nicks' complete package, and when Welch quit, he offered them a spot in the band outright. The group, essentially a new band under an old name, quickly cut 's self-titled Fleetwood Mac , an assemblage of Christine McVie's songs and tracks Buckingham and Nicks had intended for their second album, including the eventual smash "Rhiannon".

It was a huge seller in its own right and they were now a priority act given considerable resources. But by the time they booked two months at Record Plant in Sausalito to record the follow-up, the band's personal bonds were frayed, there was serious resentment and constant drama. Nicks had just broken up with Buckingham after six years of domestic and creative partnership. Fleetwood's wife was divorcing him, and the McVies were separated and no longer speaking. While Fleetwood Mac was a bit of a mash-up of existing work, Lindsey Buckingham effectively commandeered the band for Rumours , giving their sound a radio-ready facelift.

He redirected John McVie and Fleetwood's playing from blues past towards the pop now. Fleetwood Mac wanted hits and gave the wheel to Buckingham, a deft craftsman with a vision for what the album had to become. He opens the record with the libidinous "Second Hand News", inspired by the redemption Buckingham was finding in new women, post-Stevie.

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It was the album's first single and also perhaps the most euphoric ode to rebound chicks ever written. Buckingham's "bow-bow-bow-doot-doo-diddley-doot" is corny, but it works along with the percussion track Buckingham played the seat of an office chair after Fleetwood was unable to properly replicate a beat a la the Bee Gees' "Jive Talkin'".

He croons "shackin' up is all you wanna do,"-- accusing an ex-lover of being a wanton slut on a song where his ex-lover harmonizes on the hook. Save for "Never Going Back Again," a vintage Buckingham Nicks composition brought in to replace Stevie's too-long "Silver Springs" Buckingham's songs are turnabout as fairplay with lithe guitar glissando on top.

It was written during one of the days where Nicks wasn't needed for tracking. She wrote the song in a few minutes, recorded it onto a cassette, and returned to the studio and demanded the band listen to it. It was a simple ballad that would be finessed into the album's jewel; the quiet vamp laced with laconic Leslie-speaker vibrato and spooky warmth allow Nicks to draw an exquisite sketch of loneliness. Start your day free trial. Exclusive discount for Prime members. Sample this album Artist Sample. Dreams Remaster.

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Showing of 1, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Vinyl Verified Purchase. My old vinyl 'Rumours' was getting kinda ragged so I thought I'd replace it with this new heavy-vinyl pressing. Although the price of some of these newer vinyl discs can get very high, I've found that the higher price buys a cleaner sound, thicker vinyl, and usually a hardier sleeve and cardboard wrapper.

These improved qualities of production are existent in this pressing. The sound is very clean and the heavy vinyl means no warps or rills. Those who play vinyl usually have a cleaning machine for their records before first play which I used on this disc. First play meant a few static pops here and there but second play was as pristine a sound as I could ever imagine. Bottom line: Expensive somewhat but if your copy is more than ten years old treat yourself to this fine new pressing.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

And the next time you drop the rock, pour yourself a glass, settle back in that favorite lounge chair and let this terrific music soothe your troubled mind. Obviously this is a perfect album from start to finish. Everyone and their mother bought this record for a reason. One incredible track after another, with many layers that unfold with repeated listens. A masterpiece.

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This pressing does the music justice. This one just sounds like music. All new vinyl should be pressed to this standard of quality.

However, the packaging leaves something to be desired. The images look great, but it has none of the texture or heft of the original jacket, and the insert is similarly made from cheap paper rather than the heavy card stock of the original. Best of both worlds.

FLeetwood Mac Tango In The Night Full Album 1987

In all, a superb reissue of a perfect album, with a minor complaint about the packaging. MP3 Music Verified Purchase. Reviewing such icons, such pillars of popular music, is almost not even worth it. To the end I'll keep it short and say that this album is incredible. It belongs high on the list of best and most influential rock albums of all time. If you've never listened to Fleetwood Mac before then you owe it to yourself to give this album a go.

You will recognize many of the songs just from movies and TV and will be surprised at how far reaching the influence this album has had. Audio CD Verified Purchase.

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Here's the thing. This is one of the most classic albums of all time. And I think many of the reviews here are based on that fact alone.