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Most trailers are designed for one or two cast members, although a couple are designed for as many as six cast members, and a couple have no designated number. Trailers run from about a minute to a minute and a half. When you're satisfied with your selection, click Create. There's one important thing to be aware of: Because each template includes different information, they're not interchangeable.

Working with a trailer

Once you select and start working with a template, you're committed to it. If you want to see your trailer in a different template, you'll have to recreate it again from scratch. The left side of the Project area will now display a tabbed interface, with three tabs: Outline, Storyboard, and Shot List. The contents of each tabbed sheet will vary, depending on the template you chose.

How to create iMovie 10 trailers

On the Outline sheet, you enter basic information about your movie, including movie title, release date, major cast members, studio name, and credits. Each placeholder must contain information; if you try to leave a placeholder blank, it will return to the default text. After you enter a fictitious studio name, you can select a logo style from a pop-up menu.

5 Useful Tips on Making A Film Trailer

When you select a logo style, such as Glowing Pyramid, it will display on the right. You can change the logo style, as well as any of the other information on this sheet, at any time. There's no option to customize the logo, however.

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  5. When you're finished with the Outline information, click the Storyboard tab. A storyboard provides a visual map of the sequence of a movie or animation.

    iMovie for Mac: Create a trailer

    Each template lets you customize the movie title and credits—and add your own video clips and photos to build a visually appealing story. Each template also comes with a unique musical score that matches the style of the trailer. In Projects view , click Create New, then click Trailer.

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    • How to Create a Movie Trailer with iMovie on Your MacBook!

    If you have more than one iMovie library open, click the Library pop-up menu and choose the library where you want the trailer to reside. You can move the pointer over the template and click play button to preview the movie trailer templates. Find a template that matches the number of people in your footage, and hit "Create". After you create an iMovie trailer, you can add trailer credits and other information on the iMovie outline tab.

    In the Outline pane, click the placeholder text and type new text. The placeholder text varies by template, the possible categories include name and data, cast, gender, studio, credits.

    How to Make Movie Trailers in iMovie ’11

    You can't leave any fields blank because iMovie incorporates all fields into the trailer. You can add video clips to your trailer in the Storyboard and Shot List panes.

    Click the Storyboard to add your video and text. Then, go to Shot List tab, drag the video clips you want to be included in your movie trailer to the placeholder. After all is set, you are allowed to click one of the Play buttons or preview iMovie trailers Full screen preview is available.

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    You can also share you movie trailer to QuickTime, YouTube directly. Step 1 From the home screen of iMovie, tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap the "New Trailer" button. Step 2 You'll see a selection of nine themes at the bottom of the screen. Swipe through them then tap the "Play" button in the screen above to preview the theme. Step 3 Once you choose the iMovie trailer theme, iMovie will display the trailer outline page.