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Having turned the corner c. When he turned the corner d. When Guilliver woke up he found himself in a country what very small people lived. It is believed that the wanted man was living in London. For the optimization of the formulation. A two level factorial design study was planned using the selected dependent a selective. Magnesium stearate was finally added as lubricant and then mixed for further 5 min.

Hardness of 20 tablets was determined individually. The in vitro disintegration test was performed on Weight variation test each formulation using USP disintegration apparatus Pharma test. The weight of tablet was calculated as mg except for FOB. Friability of 20 tablets was determined using Twenty tablets from each batch were used. Same procedure followed for all formulation optimization batches FOB except. Usmani et al granules were evaluated for several tests such Hardness as angle of repose.

European To study weight variation. Six tablets of each formulation were balance Mettler Toledo. The time taken until no material Table 2: Distilled water was used performed according to the official method. From the absorbance of the sample solution and standard solution. The level of Visible spectrophotometer [UV From the evaluation parameters. The absorbance of B. It was concluded that concentrations of was stored according to storage condition active ingredient in tablets of all three recommended for accelerated conditions in ICH formulations FOB Standard working solution was prepared by weighing RESULTS accurately 25 mg of montelukast sodium into a ml volumetric flask following the similar Physicochemical properties of compressed procedure for sample solution and dilution ODTs procedure.

UV absorbance statistical significance by using of One-way of the filtered solution was measured using UV.

Usmani et al from any of the tablets was left on the mesh was period of 3 and 6 months for the stability recorded in seconds. ANOVA test between the two values. Dissolution study and within desired specification. The cumulative percentage of drug Montelukast Methanol 25 ml was added. Assay of drug was carried out using average Statistical analysis weight of the crushed tablets equivalent to the weight of single tablet into 50 ml volumetric flask.

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Accelerated study was conducted for a Table 4: Stability condition used were. Assay of montelukast sodium dissolution and assay. This will Figure 1: Cumulative drug release profile of all facilitate the availability of economical and developed batches Note: All parameters was concluded that Trial is more appropriate found satisfactory which concluded that active as it takes less time to disintegrate than Trial ingredient is stable in the formulation.

This helps the drug to be readily dissolution data. From in vitro in mouth. In present study. In vitro dissolutions studies Any dosage form that disintegrates or dissolves rapidly offer more compliance for pediatric and geriatric patients having difficulty in swallowing. The time points were selected based on the FDA and in conditions where potable water is not recommendation for most orally disintegrating readily available. Based on the obtained results. This assures manufacturing process employed in quick delivery of active ingredient for systemic pharmaceutical technology.

For such kind of formulations. Based upon the physical montelukast was determined along with its and chemical characteristics of the product. Over the past The time for disintegration of orodispersible decade. In order to describe a new excipent. With this process. Trop J Pharm Res. The aim of the research study was to design and develop a new formulation of orally disintegrating montelukast 5 mg tablet by adopting the approach of using conventional process of direct compression.

Al-Husban FA. Habib W. Boylan JC. Yew bicarbonate in the integrity of the formulation. Picker-Freyer KM. David RT. Boyce J. Rawas-Qalaji F. Advanced drug optimization batches data clearly illustrate the formulation design to optimize therapeutic outcomes. Direct Compression Tableting. Results obtained from trial and 5.

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Vol The response dependent variable. In the developed formulations of ODTs. Jason TM. Estelle RS. Fast- montelukast sodium ODT should lead to disintegrating sublingual tablets: Effect of epinephrine improved efficacy.

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Microcrystalline cellulose was used as diluent 3. Fast dissolve drug mouth cavity. Pakistan for providing. The core Recent patents and trends in orally disintegrating excipients were sodium bicarbonate and tablets. Jones RJ.


Robert OW. The results authors acknowledge Department of obtained from the study were statistically Pharmaceutics.

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Khankari RK. Drug delivery systems. Kewal K. Hontz J. Hauschild K.

Keith JS. Shangraw RF. Remaining excipients included delivery systems. Faculty of Pharmacy. Swarbrick amount of active ingredient was minute therefore J. The developed formulation of 8. Humana press. Method in formulation throughout the shelf life of the product.