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I was a little worried. It would cost you less to purchase a different USB Floppy drive, than downgrading your operating system — which requires wiping your drive, and no small time investment. Amazon has several available. The terms of this community do not permit us to speculate whether a future update will allow your LaCie device to work. Not a LaCie device either. USB floppy drive and High Sierra? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Loading page content. After telling it to allow a few sector errors, it was able to read the remaining disks except for two and convert them to DC 4.

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Some of these games had copy protection. Zork I, for example, limits your ability to copy the application from the disk, but imaging the entire disk worked. Most classic abandonware games can be downloaded somewhere.

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There are great repositories out there:. In the case of my games, the short version is that I wanted to try and be able to use the save games I had on the floppies for no real reason, I just like a challenge sometime. The other problem one might run into is file formats that are no longer supported e. MacWrite 2. Many old programs can be found online, or you might be able to restore them from an old floppy.

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You might not get the exact formatting, but can get it pretty close. Disk Copy worked on the first disk, but not the second. This opens up the range of vintage macs that can be used for data recovery to include some newer and probably more readily available machines.

Plus, it was fun to see some of the old software I had played with as a kid, whether it be commercial stuff I spent way too many hours on, or early gems from when I discovered shareware. It occurred to me to try rebooting with extensions off, and that did allow Copy II Mac to run. It appears that the master disk encryption for that game is the same as Zork II and Zork III they are probably the same wrapper app with different data files.

However, after making the required change, the app simply crashes a little bit later.

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I also stumbled across the Floppy Emu , which appears to replace a floppy drive in old Macs with a SD card drive. Theoretically, if this were installed as the external drive, then Copy II Mac would be able to copy a Copy Protected or slightly corrupted disk to the Floppy Emu, where it would be stored as a disk image. This disk image, could possibly then be loaded onto a virtual Mac as a floppy that may or may not work. But it would be interesting to know if it works!

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