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The Mac Startup Manager works great if you have a number of boot options from which to choose, but your Mac also recognizes a few additional startup keys that direct it to boot immediately from a specific source. OS X offers a similar mode called Safe Boot. Just as with its Windows counterpart, OS X Safe Boot should be used to help troubleshoot issues that may be caused by corrupt or incompatible software, or to help isolate software issues from hardware failures. Keep holding Shift until you see a gray progress bar appear beneath the Apple boot logo.

How to Change Mac Snow Leopard’s Startup Disk Preferences

Keep holding the keys until your Mac reboots itself and you hear the startup chime a second time. At this point you can release the keys and your Mac should boot as normal.

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  • Use any of these 3 methods to get your Mac up and running;

This makes booting your Mac a simple and pleasant experience, but can also hamper troubleshooting efforts. But instead of finishing the boot and bringing you to the default OS X login GUI, it gives you a text terminal which can be used for everything from advanced troubleshooting to hard drive repair.

However, I'm not able to select the Now that it is finished, The Mac Pro is located in a data center, and I don't have physical access. So I can't hold any keys while booting.

*Mac* changing the start up disc

Hence, to change the boot device, I tried bless. Therefore I need the partition or device.

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As the partition is unknown to the current system, I have to use the device mode. Did I use the wrong command? Missing an argument?

Boot from USB: Windows

Or is there any other way of setting the boot device so that the machine starts with I believe you are S. Due to the haphazard way Apple has introduced APFS and instantly made it the default filesystem for Apple has has many similar introductions in the past, but they did them right. APFS was released instantly, with with no support at all from third party apps, no support even from Its a true clusterfuck and I suggest people wait an OS version or two before they switch to it.

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  2. 1. Press C During Startup!
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  4. Temporarily change your startup disk with Startup Manager.
  5. Click "Startup Disk" under the "System" section. You will see a list of devices attached to your Mac that are bootable -- that is, all devices that can be used to boot your computer.

    How to Change Mac Snow Leopard’s Startup Disk Preferences - dummies

    Select the device you wish to use to restart. Click the "Restart Change the startup device during boot by pressing and holding the "C" key immediately after you hear the Mac's startup chime. Holding down the "C" key will force the computer to boot from the DVD drive, if a bootable disc is in the drive. Wolfram Donat is an information technology professional and writer currently finishing a degree in computer systems engineering.