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But here are a couple things to consider: Second, you may want to go a shade lighter than usual, as it tends to darken a bit on my skin after a few hours. Now, if you suffer from dry skin and need an everyday foundation with a lightweight formula and sheer-to-medium coverage that looks like real skin and lasts from hours, bingo! Hope you had a marvelous Monday. October Sky? Have you seen it? Jakey poo is supposed to be 17 in it, but he looks about How about mixing it with an oil control product?

Courtnea in the comments below says that what she does, and it works! I have heard all good things about this foundation. Probably during winters when my skin is combination to dry, I will try this.

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Eesha recently posted … Review: In the comments below Courtnea mentioned that she mixes an oil control lotion with the foundation and it really helps. A non beauty related comment: I just wanted to say this to you that I love reading your blog 1 of course for the obvious reasons 2 because my aunt and cousins like in SF Oakland to be certain and you really remind me of them especially my cousin and reading your posts, especially your outdoor posts really make my day.. All too dark for this NW10 gal. Hi there! I have oily skin and recently purchased this foundation this weekend.

I am in love with it. Your skin DOES look fabulous! Your skin looks fantastic — the sales associate was right, I would never have guessed you were wearing foundation at all. Must try that out! Sounds like it passed the ultimate test. It seems to be an issue with some of their products. I definitely have to do some improv when it comes to adjusting for the oxidation issue.

I was waiting for this review. It is actually almost ten dollars cheaper too! I have a few MAC foundations that I really like. I did reviews a while back. If you want links just let me know. I love their shade range, but for some reason it breaks me out, boo! This looks amazing on you. I hope it works for ya! Oh man this looks so good on you! Great match. Beauty Products and Tools Edition. I got NC37, and it matched beautifully. I was surprised it was yellow enough because it looked so pink on her metal dish, but it matched my skin!

Love this stuff. What to do?????? That said, I have tried using a luminous primer under this foundation and the result was too artificial for my liking. I tend to stick to a standard primer for this foundation.

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I also like that it does not make my skin look greasy or oily. It is a sheer foundation. It is difficult to build to medium coverage and you can forget about full coverage! I put it down to the fact that it is such a moisturising product that it just moves around on the skin, and hence the lack of buildability. I prefer foundations that can be built to a medium coverage if I choose to, but it would not be a problem if all you want is a sheer coverage. This foundation does not really move until the end of the day. There can be a slight creasing into the lines, but otherwise it does not cake.

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mac mineralize foundation makeupalley Great Quality Hot Sale CTBMM 192

This is one of my favourite foundations! I always make sure I have it available and that I never run out. I usually will blend it on top to give my face a bit more blended neutral colour and find that it sits really well on the top of my skin with a little bit of bronzer over the top on my cheek bones. But I love the fluidity of the product and how its quite light and not cakey at all. I do this think Mac foundation is a bit too expensive for a sheer and light coverage. I prefer a higher coverage and matte foundation like the studio fix, whereas this one was a lot more sheer and didn't completely dry matte which is what I prefer personally.

I wouldn't say this is a bad product but just doesn't suit me and my preferences. I absolutely love this foundation for my daytime makeup as it is very lightweight and has a medium coverage. However, it can be built to a full coverage foundation from a couple of layers. It is very moisturising to the sky and easy to blend.

Would highly reccomend. Have loved this for everyday casual looks as it is not super thick and doesn't give a "caked" look as quite a lot of Macs foundations can be pretty thick. Although I wouldn't turn to it on a night out or if you want to cover up a quite a lot. My skin is quite dry and it doesn't help with that so I think it would definitely work better if your on the more oily side. I love the packaging and you can control how much you want to get out of the pump! You can also lock the pump which is great for if you are travelling.

I wear NC25 and I would say it gives medium coverage, but you can build it up a little bit more if necessary.


It doesn't dry like some other foundations do, so it gives you more of a dewy finish and you skin feels hydrated! I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and once i use a primer underneath, I find this foundation okay for my skin type! She asked first what finish I like, and after a short explanation, she immediately knew which one suited for my skin. After she applied it all over, using as a base MAC Strobe Cream over clean dry face, the look was airbrush flawless and glowing.

And that is the finish I always look for! What I always wanted form an excellent foundation: Best part is- it feels super light, like it is not there at all, last for hours on, no settling into the smile lines, perfect for even more mature women! Perfect for those with dry to normal skin! Perfect for those that do not like to wear a "mask" on their face.

And best for those with sensitive skin like mine , the formula is fragrance free, packed with good plant antioxidants, hydrating squalane and sodium hyaluronate. I had been using a different MAC foundation, when my skin decided to completely change and become very dry no matter how much I drank and moisturised. I made the switch to this one and it has been so great on my skin. I get way less build up of product on areas of dry skin, and not having a matte finish has helped my skin look fresh and bright. The finish is great, I don't need to use any finishing powder on it which is perfect for my dry skin.

In terms of coverage, its definitely not high coverage but perfect for me as I like low to medium coverage. It's a mini package , gives nice cover ,smooth texture, moisturizing, gives u glossy look. People like me who want nice coverage but do not wish to look powdery dry skin, this is what you need.

A perfect makeup for everyday use, long lasting, blends well with my skintone which is asian light brown. I bought this foundation in NC20 which was a perfect match for my skintone. I personally love a dewy finish and for a while this was my holy grail. The only thing is, sometimes if my skin is only very slightly oily I wouldn't attempt to wear this as it just gets greasy looking throughout the day.

After trying multiple MAC foundations and not finding one that I'm completely happy with, I decided to give it another shot and sat down with one of the MAC employees and told them exactly what I wanted. The main thing I wanted was a foundation that was dewy but not too dewy and the guy recommended this foundation and tested it on me and I loved it.

I purchased it straight away and I did not regret it at all. I absolutely love it, it's exactly what I want in a foundation and I think works well with my type of skin I have normal to dry skin but sometimes can get oily. It's easy to minimise the oil with a translucent powder on hot days.

I also found it very easy to wash off and didn't feel like it soaked into my skin. I prefer liquid foundations as they seem to last longer and provide better coverage on my dry-normal skin.

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I was after a foundation with mineral components after hearing the positive reviews, and I saw this just as I was walking past the counter. The glass bottle is pretty and properly shows how much product is left, and it has a secure lid perfect because this needs to be shaken before each use. The scent is not overpowering but not subtle, and the texture is quite creamy. I like how this glides on over my moisturiser, and how I only need to use a 10c coin worth to provide the coverage I want.

It gives me a mild dewy look and doesn't feel baked on. It covers imperfections like mild rosacea well and you could build it up a bit more to hide freckles if you wanted. I'm happy with this product overall, even with the higher price tag, because it's a quality product that lasts a while. I have been using this foundation for some time as it ticks the boxes that I look for in a foundation I like that the bottle is glass but sturdy and the pump which can lock into place means that you can control how much you use you only need a small amount , spill is minimised, and it makes it so easy to use.

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It is creamy and glides onto my skin so smoothly. Although it leaves a glow, this can be a problem in warmer weather as it can make my skin look more oily, even though I have normal skin. In these situations I dab some translucent powder onto my T zone.

But overall, I have been happy with this for several reasons: MAC as usual provides a great colour match for my light brown Asian skin, it provides great coverage, and I like the glow it gives my skin. I was given this product to sample from a MAC representative after I told her I had acne prone skin and experienced problems with oxidising foundations. I was really impressed with the shade I was given, and the coverage was right up my alley I prefer a medium coverage.

However, it was not as easy to build up coverage as some other foundations. I did not experience oxidising like I have with other mineral foundations, so I was quite impressed about that. The biggest disadvantage for me was that I felt it didn't set even after I had used a setting powder. It's has a really bad transfer effect, probably one of the worst I have experienced. I couldn't believe the amount of product that had transferred to my phone screen after a call. I have used other foundations with my setting powder and I have not experienced this amount of transfer recently, ven with other MAC foundations.

Subsequently, I did my eye makeup before applying foundation, because when I applied the foundation and then set it, it slipped and slid all over my eye area when I was trying to do my eye makeup. It also made my skin look quite oily pretty quickly, and had to touch up with powder because of these reasons multiple times a day.

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  6. It's disappointing, because it's quite a respectable brand with a great reputation. I thought I had hit the jackpot when I saw the coverage of this foundation, and the fact that it did not oxidise.