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BYO Tater Tots. Build Your Own Tater Tots.

Food Network Star, Dom Tesoriero of Mac Truck NYC - NYC Food Truck Special (#noBSfood)

Loaded Tater Tots. Kids Menu. Side Dishes. Tomato Soup.

World Famous House of Mac — #Miami_FoodPorn

Bowl of Tomato Soup. Cheesy Broccoli. Steamed Broccoli with our delicious Cheese Sauce.

Bag of Chips. Iced Tea Sweetened. Iced Tea Unsweetened. Diet Coke. Fanta Orange. Minute Maid Lemonade. Bottled Water.

World Famous House of Mac opens SoBe storefront location

Cookie Cup. Marshmallow folded with gluten free crispy rice puffs and mini marshmallows. While rolling through Miami as part of the Gumboil celebrity motor rally, Bun asked Chef Teach to lay on a spread of food in his hotel room for his guests. The mac and cheese-centric menu has since become a hit with locals and visiting hip-hop artists, who line up to sample twists on the mac-and-cheese standard that include additions like buffalo chicken, beef and broccoli, and even a Cordon Bleu homage that involves turkey ham and a roux with Dijon mustard. From tailoring a strict pescatarian diet for ASAP Mob, to the kinship with his mentor Uncle Luke, we caught up with Chef Teach to learn about the fruitful synergy of hip-hop and cooking.

It was things like grilled jerk chicken wings. I also did lobster mac and cheese, five cheese truffle mac and cheese, seasoned roasted corn, and some rice and peas. I remember Bun would always call me up when he was in Miami asking me to bring him some lobster mac to the studio.

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It became like a ritual. Well my background is Trinidadian so my family makes macaroni pie, but when I went to culinary school they told me how to make the mac and cheese with the roux and cheese sauce.

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So I'd call my style Caribbean soul food, and I kind of mix styles. Everything just happened organically.

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I've been really blessed 'cause I'm on the cusp of both worlds and I have real relationships with these artists, and I've really cooked for them. It started with cooking in the studio for them. I've been around artists so long I'm professional and it's not like groupies. So catering for the artists happened organically.


They come to the truck, they taste the food, they have an event coming up and they want some Caribbean soul food, and I'm the guy they call. A photo posted by Big Teach bigteach on Feb 23, at Pitbull eats more healthy now, but when I cooked for him on set I did this coconut pineapple rice: He loved that. When he signed his deal to Sony, I cooked some stuff at his house—I cooked more hearty food for him then, some kind of seafood alfredo. You know they're all pescatarians? They don't eat any kind of meat so I always have to try to find creative ways to do different variations of seafood for them.

Salute my little brah asvpxrocky for all your support on my endeavors.