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Contour Interface Edition

For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Contour Controller Edition. Modular controller in professional quality for every DJ software surroundings Following the great success of the Digital Jockey series, Reloop launches a modular controller by the name of "Contour" that can be perfectly integrated in every DJ software surroundings.

Total control Thanks to the clearly arranged segmentation, sections for deck, sample, and loop control are ready on stand-by. Full size and professional quality With an overall of 45 controllers on 4 banks the digital DJ has a lot of elbow room: Features DJ deck controller optimized for Traktor Pro 2 Control up to 4 decks with a single controller, or use one for each deck Use it as your main controller or alongside your control vinyl for cue points, loops, effects, browsing and more Altogether 47 controllers on 4 player banks: Technical Data Transport section: Designated buttons for play, cue, cup, sync and shift Jog Wheel modes: Encoders for length and position of loops 2 buttons for auto loop, manual loop and reloop Advanced functions: Potentiometer for filter and pan functions 2 buttons for beat and grid functions Effect section: Effect slot buttons Large trax push-encoder Deck-switch system for easy selection of up to 4 virtual players Dimensions: The soundcard sounds reassuringly crisp and punchy and one of the great benefits of this model is that it can be used in standalone mode, eliminating the need for an additional mixer Read the full article here.

We fit all our dealers with promotional material. Please ask your dealer whether he has got a broshure or promo goodies such as Reloop stickers and key holders for you. Usually promotional material should be available at your dealer's shop. If this is not the case please ask him to get in touch with us. We can only send promotional material to dealers. Unfortunately a direct shipment to end customers is not possible. Spare parts can be ordered via all authorized Reloop dealers. An overview of all Reloop dealers can be found here.

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For your own safety all circuit diagrams are reserved for exclusive service partners. We recommend not to open our devices by yourself for error diagnostics. Improper attempts to repair may lead to malfunctions. When experiencing defects please refer to the dealer who sold you the device. Should not all parts be included in the delivery of your Reloop product as described on the gift box please get in touch with the dealer who sold you the product.

Please get in touch with your dealer for questions concerning the current status of your repairing procedure.

Contour Controller Edition

Please refer to the dealer who sold you the device. Warranty claims and an optionally issued guarantee have to be asserted at your dealer. There you will obtain further information regarding repairs processing. All Reloop instruction manuals contain a drawing and a description for the proper installation of your product. Should this not be of help please get in touch with us via contact form.

System requirements can be found in the instruction manual and the product webpage. Please get in touch with us via contact formular, if you can not find the information you are searching for. You can find a list of discontinued products here. There you can find a better part of instruction manuals regarding discontinued products.


If your product is not listed, please get in touch with us via the contact form. Which devices fit into which cases is listed in the product description. For our controller cases we have added the inner dimensions in the product description.

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DJAY supports over devices for Android - needless to say the performance of audio and MIDI can vary a lot with such a vast number of hardware which do not follow one standard as for example Apple devices do. In our experience all Nexus devices with a minimum of Android 5. Some features as Keylock and Time-Stretching require devices with quad-core processors.

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Also, its known that there are issues especially with Sony Android devices distortion. Its some sort of hardware incompatibility, as each hardware manufacturer handles audio protocols differently. That's why we cannot guarantee all Android hardware to be compatible. We do recommend Nexus devices which work reliable on Android platform with djay.

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The expansion pack is available under: Consequently a connection of up to 4 devices is possible, whereby 2 controllers can be connected directly via smart link. The full range of functions can be maxed out with Serato DJ for which an elaborate plug-and-play mapping was developed in close cooperation with Serato.

Yes, it works with Virtual DJ 8 - be sure to update to the newest version for full support. No, for most cases it is sufficient if you only connect one USB port. Yes, your hardware is class compliant with OSX But please check your software website for official support info and release updates.

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  4. Review: Reloop Contour Interface Edition DJ Controller.
  5. Follow on screen instructions. Enter your name, eMail and use the authorization key: The area underneath lets you set, toggle, save and discard all 8 cue points for each channel. To control individual track volume, you ensure that none of the jogwheel function buttons are lit, and use the jogwheel as giant rotary volume.

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    But having spent a few hours playing with this on Traktor Pro, I felt comfortable and more importantly, found it a fun controller to use. Its main competition is the pricier Xone: Also the Xone: Expect to spend more time mapping it to do what you want, though. His DJ career has taken him from a year residency in Manchester, England, to the main room at Privilege in Ibiza - the world's biggest club. He is also an award-winning club promoter, and has taught music tech and DJing since He regularly speaks at DJ seminars and events worldwide.

    Copy Link Copied! Last updated 23 October, The Reloop Contour Interface Edition is bang up to date on the features-front, with clever control of 4 decks.

    Reloop Contour Interface Edition DJ Controller For DJs who are drawn down the less-is-more digital DJing route, small, single-jogwheel or no jogwheel external controllers can nowadays be used to control up to 4 virtual decks. How it controls 4 decks Using just one unit like this to control 4 decks of Traktor, plus to control all mixing functionality should you decide to use it without an external mixer, obviously involves some clever mapping of the controls, and a few creative leaps of thinking to fit everything in.

    Using the Reloop Contour in external mixing mode. Setting up the Reloop Contour in standalone mode.