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Collect, store, work: Your Mac paperless office DEVONthink saves all your documents, keeps them organized, and recalls them whenever you need them. Your data literally at your fingertips Take your databases with you. Take your data with you wherever you go Synchronize your data between all your Macs and iOS devices. A password lets your team mates in and keeps prying eyes out.

Scanning and OCR Plus: ScanSnap support Plus: Email archiving Plus: Dokmee is hosted online, so all important company documents are backup and secure.

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At a glance, this document management software stands out through:. Clients can download the Trial or Desktop versions of the software from the Dokmee website and they can contact the vendor directly for bespoke Professional and Enterprise solutions. PaperPort Pro is a user-friendly document management tool that offers the complete range of features advanced users need.

This software was created mainly for businesses, but its ease of use also recommends it for personal users as well, if they have a high load of documents. Some intuitive features that they can benefit from include:. Back Product. Back How to. Free Download Free Download.

Sep 14, The system can store a wide variety of document types, including scanned images of paper documents, contractual documents, word processor files, graphics files, marketing files, spreadsheets, PDFs, text files, photographs, customer service records, maintenance records, product development records, patents, patient records, engineering drawings, legal records, student transcripts, accounting records and material safety data sheets.

DocuWare DocuWare can be hosted on your own server or in the cloud. Paper or digital documents arrive in electronic baskets that mimic the inbox on your desk. You can sort, organize, staple or clip them together, and add notes, comments, signatures and stamps before the documents are filed away in digital cabinets.

DocuWare's indexing features automatically ensure all document types are filed away in the right place. Dokmee Cloud.

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Dokmee Cloud is our pick for the best document management system for businesses on a budget. Dokmee Cloud has multiple editions targeted to companies of all sizes. It can run in a Windows-based intranet, as a web-hosted system or as a software-as-a-service model. The system is designed for a variety of purposes, including document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing.

You can automatically create folders from index fields and store an unlimited number of files in each folder. You can also index documents and folders for easy search and retrieval.

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Additional features include email management, an audit log and the ability to annotate. Dropbox Business You can use Dropbox's user-friendly interface and cloud storage for your office's document management needs. The standard version provides you with 2TB of storage, which you can upgrade to unlimited storage. Dropbox integrates with Office Additional business features include file backup, recovery, administrative tools and two-step authentication. DynaFile DynaFile's scan-to-cloud software uses metadata properties to index every document added to the system.

You can store an unlimited number of documents and access them anytime from your web browser. DynaFile offers a completely configurable search method to find the documents you are looking for quickly and easily. The textual search area allows you to define how you classify and categorize documents, with as many indexing fields and types as you require.

You can set access permissions for individual users or groups of users, and apply them to specific types of documents.

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Word documents can also be turned into PDFs. The service also offers the ability to merge and compress PDFs if needed.

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The website says users have no limits on the PDF conversions. You can access all the information stored in your electronic filing cabinets via a web browser. You can search using up to seven key fields, find documents from your mobile device and search text in PDFs. The system allows unlimited users, as well as unlimited storage and retrievals.

Storage and Collaboration

All data includes an audit trail and is encrypted when stored. Features include optical character recognition, a comprehensive search engine, audit logs and version control. It offers a cloud-based and on-premises document management system. The newest edition includes a more user-friendly interface, zonal optical character recognition, Mac OS X compatibility, and new technology for storing, accessing and retrieving documents.

Those who use Microsoft Outlook can drag and drop messages and attachments directly from their inboxes into eFileCabinet Online. The system also integrates with Microsoft Office and Salesforce. Enadoc Enadoc is a cloud-based document management system. Users can create libraries before capturing documents and then store the documents in the libraries.

From there, you can locate documents by clicking on the tag that contains all the keywords assigned to the document, and give colleagues permission to access the documents they need. Document version control, workflow, change controls, packaging specifications, standard operating procedures, nonconformance investigations, corrective and preventive actions, training, and other quality procedures are swiftly automated by ENSUR. The software's multilayered security model and comprehensive audit trail keep your documents in the hands of only the people with the proper rights to access them. The software is available as a cloud-based or on-premises solution.

The system can store any kind of Windows file and is fully compatible with most cloud service providers. FileHold is our pick for the best document management system for small business. FileHold can support as many users as needed. Its suite of features allows document scanning, capture, indexing, storage, search, versioning, and document workflow review and approval. FileHold can be installed locally on your server or in the cloud. Integrated with Microsoft Office, FileHold works on your desktop, browser and mobile device. Flight Canto's Flight is an on-premises or cloud-based digital asset management system that allows you to store, organize, track and repurpose your branded assets, such as photography, videos, rich graphics, 3D imagery, text documents and presentations.

With the system, users can create workflows to organize and deliver assets and access content from anywhere and any device.

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FossLook FossLook is an electronic document management solution that can organize, secure and manage all your business's documents. Key features include an integrated mail server, customizable document types and folders, document collaboration, workflows, templates for printing documents, and a log of document history and statistics. The system also allows businesses to link documents together and provide specific employees access to certain files and documents.

It automates documents by offering seamless front-end capture, image enhancement, and organized, indexed and extracted data for release. The software, in combination with Fujitsu's Fi Series document scanners, automates processes that where once manual, including document separation, image cleanup, data extraction, indexing and validation. The solution is easy to set up, with no IT resources required. PaperStream Capture Pro is customizable and scalable. It's designed for any paper-intensive business, big or small.

Fujitsu also offers PaperStream Server, a web-based document processing platform that enables organizations to scan, import, process, tag and introduce business-critical content into enterprise content management systems. G Suite Google's suite of applications, along with unlimited storage, is available for business and enterprise use.

Along with using your business email through Gmail, video and voice conferencing, a shared calendar, and the rest of Google's ecosystem, you get an expanded version of Google Drive. Features include versioning, archiving and data loss prevention. Global Search Square 9's Global Search is document management software for small and midsize businesses. With its modular design, the software offers flexibility in both pricing and configuration by allowing organizations to select only the tools needed for their specific business application.

All documents are securely deposited in the archives you designate. You dictate permissions and determine who has access to your files and what they can do with them. Greenbox Greenbox serves as Discus Business Solutions' document management system. The platform helps companies keep their data secure and stored. The business, which is based in India, includes features like cloud storage, system and administrative authority measures and search tools on Greenbox. HyperOffice HyperOffice's document management system allows you to store, organize, search, collaborate and manage access to documents from any web-enabled PC or Mac.

You can store documents online in a familiar structure, set permissions on who has access to which files, and share documents with colleagues and clients. Added features include version controls, full text searches and online data backup.

Best for Overall

ImageSite eQuorum's ImageSite is a single-source document management system. Installation is simple and typically completed in a few days. The ImageSite suite includes document management software tailored to your industry and unique business requirements. Using ImageSite: Business Management With Workflow and Lifecycle allows organizations to productively manage all files throughout their life cycles — from creation to destruction. This system also works well with large engineering files like CAD and scanned drawings.

This web-based system provides a central repository to store and organize documents. Integrated workflow tools are used to upload, review, approve, check out, modify and access documents from any location in a controlled way. Automatic email notifications ensure that tasks are communicated instantly, while integrated analytics and reports provide information on each document from the time it's created until it's superseded by the next version. Konica Minolta Konica Minolta's Enterprise Content Management system allows you to manage documents and control auditing and access of data.

Its automated workflow solutions can scan, process and index documents, allowing you to cut down on paper waste and boost efficiency. You can monitor certain tasks or documents and get alerts when things change.