Mac g5 boot from cd

So no booting from USB yet. I'm at least happy to see some reaction from the computer.

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I'm fairly sure I typed it in correctly, is there be anything else I can do? EliasAndrason Yeah. This time, type in dev usb0 , and then enter ls. Ran into another snag. After "dev usb0" I'm asked to enter the password.

Mini-Tutorial: Inability to boot from Mac OS X CD/DVDs; solving

I appreciate your quick replies! Anything I can do now? Also, I noticed you said "boot ud: Is that significant?

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EliasAndrason I'm sorry, it should be boot ud: Try that with two back-slashes. Open Firmware commands are so cryptic: Tried twice with the corrected code, same deal. As an example, the first-generation PowerBook 1.

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It will not startup from a Mac OS X Other examples: Note that this issue also affects third-party startup products. Make sure your firmware is current In some cases, out-of-date firmware can result in an inability to properly startup from optical media. Apple maintains a chart of available firmware updates for various Mac models in Knowledge Base article Go to the aforementioned Knowledge Base article, and download the firmware updater that appears next your Mac's name if one is listed and launch the downloaded installer.

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  • If your Mac requires the firmware update, the installation process will proceed. If your Mac is already up-to-date, the firmware installer will alert you and no installation will take place. Clean your media It may seem like common sense, but dirty optical media has been the cause of failed startups for a number of users.

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    The easiest route for most people will be to use an Ubuntu CD. If you have a CD, and if your machine supports booting directly off the CD, great! Simply insert your CD, reboot, and proceed to the next chapter. Note that certain CD drives may require special drivers, and thus be inaccessible in the early installation stages. If it turns out the standard way of booting off a CD doesn't work for your hardware, revisit this chapter and read about alternate kernels and installation methods which may work for you.

    Not able to boot DVD for install of OS

    Simply boot using a different medium and when it's time to install the operating system, base system, and any additional packages, point the installation system at the CD-ROM drive. All OldWorld systems have floppy drives, so use the floppy drive to launch the installer, and then point the installer to the CD for the needed files.

    Booting from an existing operating system is often a convenient option; for some systems it is the only supported method of installation.