Reinstalling mac os x lion on new hard drive

You should have a complete, current backup of that drive , because all data on the drive will be lost.

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As soon as your Mac restarts, hold down the "C" key. This will force your Mac to boot from the DVD. The boot process will take a long time, so be patient. Be sure to turn on all monitors that are connected to your Mac because in some multi-monitor setups, the main display may not be the default monitor used by the OS X Lion installer. Disk Utility will open and display a list of connected drives.

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This process can take some time, so be patient. Select the disk you wish to be the target for your OS X Lion install. Remember that we're going to erase this disk, so if you haven't performed a current backup of the data on the disk, stop and do it now. If you have a current backup, then you're ready to proceed.

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Reinstalling Mac OS X Lion - Apple Community

Select the disk you wish to erase. A drop-down sheet will appear, asking you to confirm that you wish to erase the target disk. Click Erase. Disk Utility will erase the drive. A list of disks will appear; select the disk you wish to install OS X Lion on. This should be the same disk you erased earlier.

How to install Lion on a new hard drive?

Click the Install button. The Lion installer will copy the necessary files to the target disk. Locate the file called InstallESD. Open Disk Utility Select the USB Thumbdrive Select Restore Drag the InstallESD.

Step 1: Troubleshoot the Device

Click on Restore Now, whenever you install Lion, you do not need to re-download it first. Turn off your Mac and replace the HD. Select the thumdrive and press Return Thank u All for the advice. Learn more.

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Learn more This will allow you to select one of multiple booting options. It may take a few minutes to boot into recovery mode.

A Bootable Copy of the OS X Lion Installer Allows You to Perform a Clean Install

Select the drive or volume you want to reinstall Lion on and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. This option requires an internet connection in order to download the OS from the Apple servers. Nathan Walker. If you are trying to download an older version of Mac OS before Yosemite, you will get this error because the software is no longer available from Apple.

You can pick up an install disk at an Apple Store or order it online. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. How can I reduce the unwanted applications that take up disk space on my Apple computer? If you mean the pre-installed applications, they cannot be removed or put in the trash like downloaded apps.

How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

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