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Get about or around. He let the news get about that he needed asecretary. Since his accident, he doesn't getaround much any more. Get across. She istrying to get across to you the fact that she despisestelevision. With his contacts, he'sbound to get ahead.

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Get along. She gets along with mostpeople quite well. Do you think they'll get along? How are you getting along with your newnovel?

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I have to get along now or I'll miss my train. How are you getting on with your new novel? They are getting along butyou wouldn't guess that they're eighty. Get around. Get at. I can't getat the lock from here. She justdidn't understand what I was getting at. Sheis really beginning to get at me with her persistent criticism. They tried to get at the judge. The police said they were onlytrying to get at the facts. Get away. He will never be able toget away now!

I must get away for a few days.

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Black Flash got away from the startinggate at top speed. Get back. I'll try to get back before midnight. Can you get your moneyback for that hat? Get back at.

See 23, above. If you get behind the enterprise, I know it willsucceed. Get by. See 28 b , above. Get down. He got down from his horse and drew his gun. She wasn't able toget down everything Shaw said.

Don't let a little thing likethat get you down. No sooner does he get somefood down than it comes right back up again. Let'sget down to business. Get in. Wegot in the car and were driven away. You can get in here.

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I got in at eight today. He got in mycomment. The doctor got me in before anyone else. My flight got in at dawn. Get into. Here, get into thisuniform. Do youreally want me to get into the nasty details? Icould really get into farming. She got off her bike and came towards me.

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I hope to get off tomorrowmorning. Can you get thoseboots off easily?

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A cleverlawyer could have got him off. He got off on a technicality. Get off on.

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See 39 c , above. Get on. It's getting on and they'll be waiting. Get onto. If they get onto the missing stores we're in for it. Get out of. Positive vibes all over.

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