Mac dies when power disconnected

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It did take overnight to charge the battery the first time which seems long.. Show 4 more comments. Dan danj.

A Quick Fix for “No Batteries Available” & Fans Running Constantly on a MacBook Air

Self employed contract worker. What is happening here is SMC thinks the power level is below the set threshold so it needs to power down the system into deep sleep mode. So how to fix?

DIY - Macbook Air will Not Turn On!

It's quite simple you need to do a SMC reset and cycle the battery a few times by fully discharging it and recharging it. That way the setpoint is memorized correctly. Here's the Apple TN you'll need to reference: As far as my battery goes, I try my best to not have it plugged in most of the time and give it a chance to fully empty out before plopping the charger back in. However, I did just open the MacBook up and tinkered with a few wires, which seemingly did nothing.

Then I did an SMC bypass unplugging the laptop, holding the power button for 10 secs, plugging the computer back in while holding the power button for an additional 10 secs and then releasing and pressing it again to get it to boot which got it up and running without a charger plugged.

What to Do When Your Mac Keeps Shutting Down

Again we can nail this down to magnets and magic. Did you pull the battery connection? Often I find I end up needing to do it that way to be effective. Pull the battery internally, press and hold the power button a good 2 minutes then plug the battery back in and restart. No magic here and it's not magnets either: It's a problem I've seen a few times so I had a strong idea what was up here. You may want to clean the MagSafe connector pins and pads.

The middle pin is how the charger and the system communicate. If the cord pins or the DC inboard contact pads are dirty or corroded you can have some charging issues. But given your coconut battery info I don't see this as your issue. Karen D'Souza. Hi, I might have a similar problem. My MacBook Pro shuts down suddenly sometimes when I move it and the charger gets disconnected. It doesn't always happen, so I'm sure that it's not a battery problem. It turned out it's a problem with my charger. Perhaps it sends some surges of electricity or is otherwise unsafe that the MacBook decides to shut down.

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Anyway, the problem seemed to have disappeared when I got a new charger. I agree, in most cases this is a charger issue, specifically the L tip magsafe cable. Since my original magsafe disintegrated, I have used numerous compatible adapters and they all develop this issue over time. When it starts to happen, I just get a new charger. Yavuz yavin. I have a similar problem to the one here and it would be much appreciated if you could have a quick look!

In short, my MacBook Air turns off when unplugged, even though the battery is relatively new. I begun having a similar problem after installing a new battery in my MacBook Air, by myself You might be right I don't know but it happens to me too. I replace the battery like twice but nothing works.

The battery is dead.

They tech say is logic board but buying. Hi Alvaro! Did you buy the new logic board and did it solve your battery problem? Please let me know so I can see if I need to use the same solution. Keegan Bourque keyygan. Sometimes the battery of many laptops fail.

SOLVED: MacBook turns off when charger is disconnected - MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid - iFixit

I solved this problem on my macbook pro Open terminal and enter command: Page content loaded. Nov 19, Dec 15, 8: Closing the lid also won't sleep the computer, so if I closet the lid at night it is completely dead int he morning.

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  • MacBook turns off when charger is disconnected;
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I have to tell it to sleep, but even doing that I get the slow drain he is getting. None of the apps show up in energy as preventing sleep. Have you had any luck diagnosing? Im about to return mine. I have tried resetting SMC but don't know how to pull the logs you got, here. Jan 29, Well the disabling of the "Allow bluetooth devices to wake up the computer" did the trick. This is something I can live with. Mar 18, 5: I am having he same problem with my brand new MacBook Pro late I have no third party apps installed.

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It is exactly as it came from Apple. When I close the lid or put it to sleep from the Apple menu , battery keeps draining. I put it to sleep last night at 8: I have "Allow bluetooth devices to wake up the computer" turned off already but it doesn't seem to have any impact. I am working with Apple Support since last 3 days but no solution yet. May 22, 7: Jun 3, 1: I almost have the same problem with my 13" MBP with touch bar, battery is drained 2.