Mac os x mountain lion localhost forbidden

After this action is performed, create a folder called "Sites" in your home directory if it is not already present, and then place your Web pages within it. Enabling the server To enable the Web server you have two options. The first is to temporarily start it using the following "apachectl" terminal command to disable the server, repeat the command with "stop" instead of "start":.

403 Forbidden error on Mac web server

Note that since Web sharing is not in the Sharing system preferences, it is no longer considered an essential system service so the OS will not automatically configure the firewall for it. Therefore when you enable it, you will be asked to allow the Web server process httpd to allow incoming connections.

macos - OS X Mountain Lion Apache Forbidden - Super User

If you plan on using the server as a test server for your computer, only then do you not need to allow connections through the firewall; however, if you want to host pages for other computers to see, then you will need to allow connections. Keep in mind that the steps so far will only keep the server running while the system is booted, so if you restart then the server will be disabled again.

To enable the server even after subsequent reboots, then you will need to enable the launch daemon for the server, which can be done with the following command:. As with the previous command, this one can be reversed by repeating it but changing the "false" text to "true. If you need these, then they can be installed and enabled separately following the instructions in the guide by Coolest Guy Planet Tech. Found any solutions yet?

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I am programming a web site in html and css and using server side includes to enable a consistent design and to avoid having to unnecessarily repeat code. Is that off topic? If not, I need to have my computer handling the server side includes so I can test my code. In that sense, apache is a tool, that enables me to test my code without having to upload to my web host, so getting apache up and running under mountain lion is essential to me.

Solving Localhost, ServerName, Apache Problems with macOS Mojave - Problem Solved!

I would assume that there would be other web programmers who have experienced the same and could contribute to a solution. I had the similar issue. The restart command didn't give any error or output which left me wondering what happened. Checking the ports, I found that apache wasn't running.

How to enable Web Sharing in OS X Mountain Lion

I tried the following: Sorry, pressed the return key accidentally the last time. This is what I was typing: I did the following: Spartanblogger The error "File does not exist: Any success? I am stuck at the same point. Raj Which error do you get in the error log? The first vhost works fine and going to home.

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The 2nd vhost just gives a Forbidden error for anything. Server now works was a problem with error log directory in config file.

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  • But still can't access dynamic vhosts. If a directory has no index document index. Modify this:. Just ran into this same issue and it turned out to be a default setting in apache. The error states for access denied.

    Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

    You have to check the permissions on the tree directory up to the site directory. Make sure that the user running apache has read and execute permissions for the directories and read for files. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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