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My only solution has been to use Mission Control to drag the app to the other display. Once there it recognizes the menu bar and lets me drag the title bar around again. For some reason, the app will only open maximized, hiding the title bar behind the menu bar, which sucks because I want to be able to resize it, minimize it, move it around at times. I could drag the vertical resize arrow horizontally to get it back, but when I re-open the app, it maximizes again hiding the title bar.

If you have 2 screens: Move the window with the hidden title bar to the lower screen. The title bar then appears on the upper screen. I had the issue with Photoshop.

Microsoft PowerPoint opens off screen

I tried Command, Shift, Option buttons in all different combinations — to no avail. I was having a problem with this in InDesign as the window was completely off the page. Nothing worked. The only thing that did work that I stumbled upon was in Window, switching from Application Frame to Application Bar and the window came back into view. I have a similar problem but with a slight wrinkle.

Instead of the title bar being hidden so that some of the resize solutions work , the entire window is hidden. Clicking on it just moves the window back off-screen.

How to Move a Lost Off-Screen Window Back to Desktop

The Mac sucks so bad at losing windows off screen, especially if you have multiple monitors, or use a laptop with an external monitor. I really wish Apple would address this problem better. The above did not work for me so I went ham on it, trying all sorts of key combinations in conjunction with the resize feature.

I was working with Filezilla.

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My bad! GeOS3, its not a problem with full screen mode. Actually, when you are in full screen mode, you can see the different excel sheets and all. But when you exit full screen mode, the excel window gets so big, you can't see the r esize box at the bottom right corner and thus, you are unable to resize your window.. However, your answer did provide for a clumsy solution!

That will force excel to resize the sheet, and you will see again the resize box at the corner. You may then resize your spreadsheet, and then change back to your default resolution. This seems to work for me, but I would much rather prefer for a software update that will remove this glitch.. This seems to work well in other applications though, but not in excel.. Dec 10, 8: Charles, Did you try holding the Option key down before clicking on the green button on the worksheet?

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If you do that, you should be able to size the sheet the way you need. See fourth paragraph below:. The continuing issue is a conflict bug between Yosemite OS X With the latest versions of Office The solution is to use the Keyboard equivalent of the Green Stoplight Button: This behavior is true for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. However this action results in three, distinctly different behaviors in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint:. Dec 18, Same problem.

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None of the proposed solutions work. I need to see the bottom of the workbook when I am working with multiple windows open. Thus the fact that I can get to the bottom of a workbook in Apple's new full screen green button option helps me 0. This bug is extremely annoying for anyone that needs to work with multiple windows open that includes more than one excel workbook. Also rather ironic, as I find this new full screen behavior that Apple instituted to be very Microsoft-like: In full screen mode you can a press the esc key to return normal mode or, b take your mouse pointer to the top of the screen, wait a moment and the toolbar will drop down revealing the blue arrows, pushing them returns to normal mode.

Dec 18, 2: Thanks for the response, Csound1, but your solution unfortunately only works if the Excel originally opened the file in a way that made the entire workbook visible without expansion to full screen.

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That sometimes happens. But more often, Excel opens a file in a manner that has the bottom of the workbook off the screen. In that case, in you go back from full screen to normal view you lack the bottom of the workbook. This is a significant bug to people that use workbooks with multiple sheets in single workbook in combination with other files. Unless and until it is fixed, a person doing that who wants to switch between sheets while working with other files, has to expand to full screen, change which sheet is active in the workbook and then go back to normal view.

And it again is Microsoft like, in that there was not a problem before Apple engineered one into existence. This is also a significant bug for people that may want just a small portion of a spreadsheet open while working on other files. For example, you are in Word writing a letter about things listed on a spread sheet and about the files in certain folder. In that case, you may well want the excel sheet and the finder window one on top of the other on the side of your screen and word open on the remainder. With this bug, that is not possible, because the only think you can control on excel is the amount of lateral space it uses, not the amount of vertical space.

Jan 9, 3: This works.

macos - How to "un-maximize" or "restore" an Excel window - Ask Different

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This problem has been driving me crazy for months. Jan 10, 5: Feb 11, 4: Can't resize Excel spreadsheet More Less. Communities Contact Support.