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I'm going to share a little trick I use to install XDebug on a Mac. Read the official XDebug installation guide: Visual Studio Code is a free, open source, cross-platform lightweight code editor from the software giant.

You can download it here. Now that we should have already installed XDebug on our server, we need to get the debug client installed in VS Code so we can set the breakpoints in the code that will be hit when PHP is processing the request. To add a breakpoint, click to the left of the line number or, once you have selected a line, press F9 on your keyboard.

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Finally click the green "Play" icon or press F5 on the keyboard to start the debugging. Now, open your web browser and visit the webpage where we set the breakpoints earlier.

Visual Studio Code - PHP Debugging

If everything has been set up correctly, as soon as the program hits the first breakpoint, you should be immediately switched back to VS Code. Now you can use the buttons in the debug bar to proceed with debugging. Learn to use keyboard shortcuts! The highlighted yellow line indicates where execution stopped in our PHP script.

In reality, you can set as many breakpoints as you need.

Debugging PHP in Visual Studio Code

My first time debugging was like debugging C in the good old days. Step in, out, over, watch etc. In my experience the best place to put breakpoints is inside the model where all database actions take place. Do you miss it? I certainly do.

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With this information you can for example find out how good your unit tests are. Xdebug's built-in garbage collection statistics profiler allows you to find out when the PHP internal garbage collector triggers, how many variables it was able to clean up, how long it took, and how how much memory was actually freed.

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  5. Xdebug's built-in profiler allows you to find bottlenecks in your script and visualize those with an external tool such as KCacheGrind or WinCacheGrind. Xdebug provides an interface for debugger clients that interact with running PHP scripts. This section explains how to set-up PHP and Xdebug to allow this, and introduces a few clients. All rights reserved.